Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 618

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The man’s face was swollen like a pig’s-it was quite the hilarious sight.

Cordy had to restrain herself from laughing out loud, and she turned back to Lucas.

That minor bruising on his face was really nothing in comparison.

“I’m not.” Cordy denied it then.

“Whatever. He’s either apologizing to me, or I’m suing!”

“What I did was legal self-defense,” Lucas retorted slowly and sharpply.

“Self-defense?! When you left me like this?!”

The man became even more agitated, and the officer nearby had to bark,” Keep it down!”

The man calmed down a little but still growled indignantly, “How is it selfdefense if I ended up like this?’

“It’s self-defense even if the other guy is dead,” Lucas said coolly.

“S-See?! Officer, he wants to kill me! Why should I settle?!” The man appeared relentless.

“Enough!” The officer barked at the man impatiently before turning toward Cordy. “Your friend got drunk
and got involved in a fistfight at the bar, and he refused to apologize or pay compensation. If this
continues, we’ll have to hand this over to a court of law and keep your friend in custody until then.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to him.”

The officer nodded, while Cordy turned toward Lucas.

The man seemed to read her intention the instant he saw the look in her eye, and he promptly said,
“Don’t even think about it.”

“Whatever. Get over here. We need to talk alone.”

Cordy walked over to a corner.

Lucas hesitated for a moment, but he eventually followed.

“Why won’t you apologize?” Cordy asked.

“Because it’s not my fault,” Lucas said seriously.

Cordy simply frowned in silence, so Lucas took a deep breath as if it took him considerable effort to
explain, “I was just having a drink at the bar when he came over, and…”


“Teased me,” Lucas growled through his teeth.

Cordy snickered and almost laughed out loud.

She was quite loud too, since it was the best joke she had ever heard all year!

“Shut up,’ Lucas growled, fuming.

However, Cordy really could not help herself and was even imagining the scene already.

“Cordy Sachs!” Lucas snapped, a little too loudly just then.

The room had been quiet since it was late at night, and everyone turned toward them right then.

Cordy stopped smiling in turn and made a serious face. “That’s why you hit him?”

“What, are you saying you can stand that?!” Lucas asked in return.

Cordy simply stayed calm and asked instead, “Do you have evidence that he was teasing you?’

Lucas was quiet then-it was obvious he did not.

As such, Cordy told him, “Evidence is necessary when it comes to law, and the situation right now is
that the police have definitive proof that you were assaulting that man-what with that man’s face now
swelling like that. And generally speaking, the law would always be on the victim’s side.”

“I am not going to apologize!” Lucas drew the line right then.

“No. you don’t have to. Just pay him off.”

“Why should I?”

Cordy made herself very clear then. “So you’re intending to fight him to the end? Have you considered
that you’d be losing more than money if you kept wasting time in this standoff? If I were you, I’d choose
to placate him, since you already beat him up after he teased you. The only thing you lose is money,
but that money is to buy you precious time. All in all, you lose nothing at all.’

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