Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 620

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The man became agitated right then. “Are you kidding me?! He hit me, but I should apologize?! You
were just messing with me, weren’t you?!

Cordy threatened him in turn, “I was very clear. I’m compensating you for the injury my friend inflicted,
but you were in the wrong because you provoked my friend first. I won’t pay you if you don’t apologize,
and I’m not afraid of a lawsuit either—there are plenty of others present to testify if you struck first or if
my friend did. And I’m sure there would be cameras there as well!”

The man was left staring at her, stunned.

He never expected that despite her beauty and delicate appearance, she was actually this tough!

He glanced at the police officers nearby, but they were not saying anything.

Their objective was simple-to have the matter resolved, and that would be one less issue for them.

“I’m counting to three. It’s a lawsuit if you still refuse to apologize,” Cordy said, staring sharply at the
man. “One. Two… 1

“Alright, I’ll apologize,” the man relented then.

Cordy smiled coolly then, while Lucas blinked—she really managed to settle the issue with money.

The man turned toward Lucas then, and he stared back in turn.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come over to… tease you,” the man said, and blushed immediately, the
embarrassment finally getting to him.

And once he apologized, he quickly turned to Cordy and asked, “Is that good enough?”

“Sign the agreement to settle,” Cordy reminded him.

The man did so, gritting his teeth.

Lucas followed suit.

Naturally, Cordy did not break her promise and wired the man the money— she did not want more
trouble in the future, just as it was not worth it if they wasted their time on pointless matters.

When everything was done, they left the precinct.

Cordy went to stand outside her car and said bluntly, “I will send my account number later. Remember
to pay me that seventy-five grand.”

With that, she opened her door and got in without a pause, ready to leave immediately.

“Wait,” Lucas suddenly stopped her.

“You don’t have to thank me. Just try not to make more trouble for me in the future.”

“Who’s going to thank you?” Lucas snorted, speechless.

Cordy was speechless too—was he incapable of being grateful?!

“I want to stay at your house tonight,” he then said.

Cordy thought she misheard, and turned to stare at him, studying him for a long while.

“What are you thinking?!” Lucas snapped. “I’m not interested in you!”

“Then why are you asking to stay at my place?” Cordy demanded.

“I-I lost my passport. I can’t stay at a hotel without identification,” Lucas said, his eyes darting away just

It was the first time she saw him being desperate, but she scoffed nonetheless. “So you’ve been
sleeping on the streets for days?”

“No. I was planning to return to the capital after leaving the hotel today,” Lucas explained. “But I lost my
luggage, and my passport was inside.”

“Wait, so all your luggage went missing? Then why didn’t you go missing too?”

Lucas did not argue since he had no excuse.

“When did you lose your luggage?” Cordy asked.

“This afternoon.”

“And you didn’t come to me then?” Cordy blurted.

“Would you have come?” Lucas asked in return, perfectly self-aware.

He certainly did not want Cordy’s help forthat, and he actually reported his missing luggage to the
police and was waiting fortheir response.

He headed to a bar to kill time while he waited, since it was going to be open until early morning

But after sitting idly for a night and getting into a fight, he was too exhausted and just wanted a bed to
sleep in.

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