Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 621

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Cordy asked, ’Didn’t I come anyway?” “Which is why I’m surprised,” Lucas admitted—he really did not
hold out much hope in Cordy, and she was just his last resort.

He was certainly surprised that she really came, and he knew her enough to expect her laughing at him
and not actually care what happened to him.

Maybe she actually was interested in him?!

She kept saying otherwise, but felt the complete opposite inside…

Cordy frowned right then, noticing something weird about the look on his face. ‘ What are you thinking
right now?”

“Nothing.” Lucas perished the thought. “I’ll just be lodging for the night and will leave tomorrow once my
luggage has been found.”

“What if it isn’t found?’

“Then I’ll head to the embassy to get my passport replaced without bothering you!” Lucas’ restraint
lasted for just a couple seconds before he started losing it again.

“Just one night,” Cordy said reluctantly.

“Don’t worry-l won’t stay even if you asked me to once I get my passport,’ Lucas said. ‘I’m not
interested in you at all.”

“That better bet the case,” Cordy said, scowling.

She actually had trouble understanding why she would take him in, but she could pretend that she was
just doing it for charity.

“Ride shotgun,” she then told him.

Lucas got in at that, while Cordy headed to the driver’s seat.

However, just as she sat down and was about to turn on the ignition, Richard spoke from the back with
a quiver of agitation. “Daddy?!”

He sounded uncertain yet hopeful, while Cordy’s chest tightened.

Richard had mistaken Lucas for John!

However, she would not fault the boy, since she occasionally was left confused as well.

And it was dark in the night, so he would have trouble getting a good look at Lucas’ face.

“Daddy…” Richard called again, since Lucas did not respond.

Lucas was obviously startled when someone called out to him from behind, probably because he did
not notice that someone was there .

He turned to find a small head staring tearfully at him, his diminutive form somehow making his heart
skip a beat.

Lucas frowned. “You have the wrong person. I won’t have such a huge kid at my age.’


“Dicky.” Cordy stopped him then.

She did not stop him immediately because she was composing herself, fearful that her voice would
crack with emotion if she spoke too soon.

It was not as if she was so emotional she would mistake Lucas to be John -her heart was simply aching
for Richard.

She was certainly empathetic-she felt the exact same way Richard did when she first saw Lucas.

“He’s not your daddy, Dicky,” she explained. ‘His name is Lucas Lynch- he’s just 26 and of mixed

“But he’s Daddy-’

“Dicky,” Cordy repeated, a little stern just then. “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Richard bit his lip, and stared tightly at Lucas then.

How could Lucas not be his daddy?

His appearance changed a little, but that was him!

Lucas returned Richard’s gaze and patted his head as if it was natural. “Go back to your seat now,
kiddo, and put on your seatbelt or you’ll fall.”

Richard’s eyes were even more tearful as he listened-that was exactly how his father spoke!

Even if his voice was different, there was no mistaking the feeling!

But somehow, he did not look like himself?!

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