Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 622

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Even Cordy was really convinced that the man was not his daddy!

Nonetheless, Richard bit his little lip, and tamely returned to his seat, intent on quietly observing how
things turned out.

Meanwhile, Cordy drove back to the mansion.

It had been a long night, and it was past 11 PM when they reached home.

She ignored Lucas even as he followed them, walking as she told Richard,” You should be sleeping
early while you’re still going through puberty, so do that right after you take a shower and remember to
have a glass of warm milk before you do. I’ll have Winston send it to your room later.’

“Okay.” Richard nodded while sneaking another peek at Lucas.

What happened to his daddy’s face? Was there some sort of accident?

“It’s the weekend tomorrow, and the horse riding lesson is at 10 AM,’

Cordy continued. “You don’t have to wake up early for your homework either-sleep in since you’re
sleeping late tonight. I’ll have Winston wake you when the time comes.”


“Is there anything you want for breakfast tomorrow? I’ll tell Winston too, since he said you haven’t been
eating well the last few days.”

“Nothing. Anything’s fine,” Richard replied.

“By the way,” Cordy said, remembering something just as they reached his room. “Remember to dry
your hair before you sleep, or you’ll have lingering pain if you sleep with wet hair.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded tamely before heading inside his room.

The instant after he did so, he poked his head out, obviously staring at Lucas.

Lucas noticed his gaze in turn but did not respond.

Richard smiled at him, however, leaving him frowning.

Cordy stepped between them in turn, blocking Richard’s line of sight.

Coming to his senses then, Richard turned toward Cordy, who said, “Time for bed.”

“Good night, Mommy,” he exclaimed, his delight irrepressible. “Good night, Daddy.”

“He’s not your daddy,” Cordy emphasized.

“Good night…” Richard corrected himself, staring at Cordy as if to ask how to properly address the

“Just call him by his name,” Cordy said grumpily. “His name is Lucas.”

“Good night, Lucas.”

“Dicky, right? Good night.”

Somehow, Lucas was not being sarcastic like he always was toward Cordy.

As Richard closed his door, Cordy turned toward Lucas, who returned her gaze and asked, “Where’s
my room?”

“Follow me.”

Cordy led him to the second floor, where a room was kept vacant beside hers.

After escorting him to the door, Cordy made herself very clear, saying, “You only get to stay one night. I
don’t want you to leave anything in there, and don’t touch anything.”

“Can’t I at least have a towel or a toothbrush?”

“There’s some in there. Remember to throw them away after use.”

While Lucas was left speechless, Cordy reminded him, “You can leave without telling me after you
wake up tomorrow morning. But don’t wake me up if I’m still asleep!”

Her sleep was very precious and must never be interrupted at all times.

“I won’t wake you,” Lucas retorted in disdain.

Still, Cordy was used to it.

When he turned to leave, she suddenly remembered something. “Don’t take to heart what my son

“Which part?”

“Every part,” Cordy said seriously. “Like I said, you closely resemble a late friend of mine, which is why
my son mistook you for him. This isn’t some ploy I’m using to seduce you with, so don’t be full of

Lucas was speechless since he never said a word about that.

However, he had long since noticed that he strongly resembled a certain someone close to Cordy.

“Late friend?” he said then. “You mean your husband, don’t you?”

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