Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 623

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Cordy’s chest hurt.

She and John were never married, and he died when they confirmed their feelings for each other.

Lucas was in turn frowning-he did not expect that a casual comment would invoke so much emotion in

Nonetheless, it was clear that the so-called ‘late friend’ was very important to her, and they might have
been in love.

His heart somehow started to hurt too, even though he could not quite describe why.

Naturally, he was not actually jealous—it was just his pride gnawing at him.

After all, no woman could ever be indifferent toward him over the years, but Cordy genuinely seemed to
be an exception to that rule.

Naturally, he found that a little hard to accept.

“I’m going to bed,” Lucas said, headed into the room.

Cordy turned and headed inside her own room as well, even as the pain in her chest unfurled.

She had so many regrets when it came to John that she could never get over them for the rest of her

The night was dark and quiet, but Cordy was once again losing sleep, unable to doze off no matter how
much she tossed and turned in bed.

Honestly, she should not have held out too much hope-her condition eased that night at the hospital
because she could lean into a familiar pair of arms.

Now that it was gone, she could not sleep normally once more.

Three years of insomnia had really been tormenting her, denying her a good night’s sleep.

Jim Brown, her psychiatrist, told her that if this went on, her health would be seriously affected-that she
must beat this.

However, even after consulting Jim for three years, she was completely unable to fall asleep aside from
sleeping at Jim’s office.

An impulse struck her just then-she felt the rush to head inside Lucas’ room to try again, to see if she
could sleep if she were in his arms.

However, her rationality told her that she must never do that-there was no telling what the
consequences would be if she opened his door now or what insults the sharp-tongued man had in
store for her. Moreover, there was no chance of having him to hold her as she slept, and she would just
be humiliating herself.

She turned around and took out the sleeping pills in her drawer.

She usually would not take them since Jim advised her not to get reliant on them. However, after Lucas
just mentioned John and used certain sensitive terms, she did not feel sleepy at all.

In fact, her head was filled with such strong emotions it could take them apart.

She took two more pills than she usually did, but it still took two more hours before she finally fell into
deep sleep.

It was 3 AM.

Lucas was under the impression that he would not sleep well in someone else’s home, and he was a
clean freak too. However, perhaps because it had been a long day and he was too tired, he fell asleep
soon after he finished her bath and got in bed.

He slept very soundly too… and was really startled when he realized that someone was in bed next to

He usually would have been wary enough to wake up when she came to his bed, just as he was very
sure at that instant that the woman who climbed into his bed was Cordy.

Her scent was unusually familiar.

He thought he would quickly forget everything he felt about her after they lay together while she was
admitted. But somehow, those memories were etched so deeply in his mind that he could hardly
believe it.

Nonetheless, he growled indignantly, ’Didn’t you say you weren’t trying to seduce me, Cordy Sachs?!”

His rage was mostly due to Cordy waking him from his sweet dream—not because she got into his

Lucas did not notice that.

Nonetheless, Cordy was not responding, but kept pressing herself toward him.

“Cordy Sachs?!” Lucas called out a little louder then, but there was no confusion in his voice.

He seemed to notice that Cordy was acting differently from earlier.

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