Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 624

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Even as Cordy meekly leaned into Lucas’ arms, she was shuddering slightly as if afraid-as if she were

Lucas inhaled deeply in turn, feeling unusually grouchy.

He had no idea why, but he just was.

No other woman had put him through a roller coaster of emotions like this —when he wanted to push
her away, he chose to bear with it as he held her shaking body.

“Consider this my reward, Cordy,” he told her then.

Cordy never heard, even as he continued, “For letting me stay.”

There was no telling if he was just telling himself that either.

But at the next instant, he lay down again and gathered her in his arms.

When he did, he could clearly sense that she was no longer shaking, and her breathing assumed a
regular rhythm as she buried her head over his chest.

Lucas gulped.

Cordy might be slim, but she was perky where she needed to be.

When daylight arrived the next morning, Lucas opened his eyes and immediately felt a sore back.

He lowered his gaze to find that Cordy was still clinging to him with a bear’s grip-she certainly slept
well, while he did not sleep at all.

After all, Cordy’s hands were up to more mischief after she fell asleep- perhaps even worse than when
she did the exact same thing at the hospital!

He would have suspected that she was deliberately seducing him, but she did not really do anything
out of line.

When he pushed her away and tried to get out of bed, Cordy seemed to sense his departure and clung
to him even harder, her lips just inches away from reaching his chest.

‘Damn it.’

Lucas swore under his breath, worried that something would really happen if this went on.

He gritted his teeth and steeled himself as he pried her hands off.

She frowned in clear displeasure, but he seized the moment to get out of bed, panting as he strode into
the bathroom and splashed his own face with cold water before taking a cold shower.

After he was finished and stepped out, Cordy was still asleep, but this time burying her face into the
pillow where he just slept on.

Was she not afraid of suffocating?!

Lucas was about to shift her, but he eventually chose indifference.

In the end, there was no case before that an adult person was able to smother themselves, whereas
scandalous affairs could occur at the drop of a hat.

As such, he promptly strode outside of the room, sighing heavily once he did so.

The instant he looked up, however, he found the boy who had been staring at him for a while now.

Dicky, was it?

And seeing the boy’s judgmental gaze, Lucas felt as if he had done something that offended him.

“Would you believe me if I told you that your mommy climbed into my bed last night?” he quickly asked.

However, Richard’s face lit up with delight instead.

So Mommy and Daddy were in the same room… to think that things developed so quickly between

Lucas was in turn stunned by Richard’s smile. “Why are you smiling?”

Normally, any child would be worried about their mommy being stolen away!

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