Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 625

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Richard nodded. “I believe you.”

He certainly knew how much his mommy loved his daddy, and how much she missed him over the

Now that his daddy had come back, she definitely would not hold back.

“Don’t you think I just stole your mommy?’ Lucas asked.

He was able to tell immediately that Richard had a strong bond with his mother, not to mention that
sons could get especially possessive toward their mothers in single-parent families.

Did the boy really not mind?

“Daddy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you being with Mommy,” Richard said seriously then. “I’ll
leave Mommy when I’m older anyway, and you’ll be taking care of her for the rest of her life. I’d never
get jealous of you.”

Lucas finally understood then—the boy still believed that he was her father.

How much did he resemble the man?!

“I’m not your daddy,” he said bluntly nonetheless. “You have the wrong person.”

“Don’t you remember us?’ Richard asked him in return.

“Of course I don’t. I don’t know you at all.”


“Anyway, I have to go,’ Lucas told Richard, cutting him short as he was reluctant to keep arguing with a

However, when disappointment showed in Richard’s eyes, Lucas felt a little remorseful.

What the hell?!

He was always indifferent toward strangers, but Cordy and her son somehow had him wrapped around
their proverbial little fingers!

Forcing himself to smile then, Richard asked, “Well, when are you coming back?”

“I’m never coming back,” Lucas replied. ‘Your mom and I… it really had been a chance encounter. Of
course, I’m really grateful that she came to help me last night, but a relationship is-‘

“Well, could you have breakfast with me before you go?” Richard said, cutting him short, probably
reluctant to hear another word.

Lucas somehow found the brat as sharp as he was determined, even though such words did not apply
to children.

However, the boy clearly knew how to buy time, even gathering useful information that he needed while
directly abandoning what was inconsequential.


With that, Lucas sat down with Richard at the dining table to have breakfast together.

Even as the elderly man who stood behind them watched him, his eyes seemed to glimmer with tears
of emotion.

Lucas suddenly felt an impulse to find out how much he really resembled that man!

Cordy’s restraint was why he never felt that before-at the very least, she kept him at arm’s reach while
she was rational. However, both the servant and the child were really making him wonder if there really
were doppelgangers in this world!

“Daddy, here’s some black coffee. It’s your favorite, so I asked Winston to brew it for you,” Richard said

“But I don’t like black coffee.” Lucas turned him down then.

“But you used to like it.”

“Like I said, I’m not your daddy,’ Lucas said, a little speechless since he seemed unable to clear the air
no matter how much he tried.

Richard bit his lip but did not press the issue, instead asking quickly, “Well, what coffee do you prefer,
Daddy? I’ll ask Winston to brew it for you right away.” “No, I don’t usually drink coffee. My stomach
can’t take it.”

“Your stomach has always been bad. I guess you’ve not been eating well.”

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