Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 627

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“I’m sorry, but I can’t help you here.”

Lucas rejected Richard nonetheless-they were unrelated, and he had no reason to sacrifice himself.

Richard certainly had more to say. “Daddy—”

“I have a girlfriend, Dicky,” Lucas said slowly and deliberately, and in no uncertain terms.

Richard’s face clearly fell then.

He refused to believe that his daddy would have a woman other than his mommy!

He loved her so much-how could he love anyone else?!

“That’s why I can’t go any further with your mommy,’ Lucas finished then.

“But you do love Mommy and only love her!”

“No, I don’t. I only love my girlfriend.’

“You worked so hard to woo Mommy back then-“

“Dicky, I’m not your daddy,” Lucas repeated patiently then.


“No ‘buts’,” Lucas said, patting Richard’s head just then. “Since you know that your mommy is sick and
stressed, you need to toughen up and take care of her. Counting on others is not as good as counting
on yourself.”

Richard bit his little lip—there was really no getting through to his daddy at all.

“I’m going now,’ Lucas said, and rose to his feet.

“Daddy!” Richard cried out loudly right then.

Lucas sighed-there really was no explaining this, huh?


He would not be coming back after he left anyway, and the boy would understand in time.

Still, Richard said, ’I don’t know why you won’t acknowledge us, Daddy, but whatever reason you have,
please don’t fall for any other women or be with them. Otherwise, you’ll really regret it one day… that
you hurt Mommy.”

Lucas naturally did not say yes, and simply strode out of the front door of the mansion.

It was not until he was out that he realized there were not many people living around a premium
mansion district like this place, and that he would never catch a taxi here.

But even as he was left at a dilemma on how he was going to leave, a voice spoke behind him, “Sir?”

Lucas turned to find the servant who had been waiting on him and Richard while they had breakfast,
panting a little since he had to chase after Lucas.

“Please wait here for a moment, sir,” Winston said as he tried to catch his breath. “I’ve informed the
chauffeur-he’ll give you a ride.”

He was just going to bring Lucas something, but he was already gone when he returned.

There was no question that Lucas would already be gone if he had a car— he was a man who seized
every moment he had, and that has never changed.

“Thank you,” Lucas thanked Winston earnestly, having a better impression of the servant just then.

“It’s what I should do, sir. Moreover, Ms. Sachs had given me specific instructions,” Winston explained.

“Cordy Sachs?’ Lucas exclaimed in surprise that the woman could be that nice. “She woke up?”

He clearly remembered her sleeping like a log when he left the room.

“No, sir,” Winston replied. “She already gave me instructions last night to prepare a car for you when
you leave today. It’s difficult to get a taxi here, after all.”

Lucas felt his emotions stirring inside him just then.

He suddenly remembered Richard’s words, that he would regret it if he did anything terrible against

What the hell?

Why should he care about something someone else said? And a ten-year- old brat at that?!

There was nothing between him and Cordy, and nothing he did would hurt her.

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