Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 628

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Winston mustered his courage then and said, “Sir, Ms. Sachs really missed you. Please come back
soon, once you’ve done what you need to do.”

Lucas was in turn speechless.

He was never going to make Winston understand that he was not his employer, was he?

Cordy woke up to realize it was already noon.

She actually checked three times to see that it really was noon.

And she was not in her bed either, but she was where Lucas was sleeping last night instead!

What was she doing here?! She had no recollection at all!

And if she was sleeping here, where was Lucas sleeping?!

She quickly checked her clothes to find her pajamas neatly clinging to her body and that she was
straddling a pillow.

Lucas’ scent seemed to linger on that pillow.

No. To be precise, it was John’s-it was by sheer coincidence that they almost shared the same scent.

So, she was sleeping with him last night? But how did she even get here?!

Cordy simply had no idea, but she hurried out of bed to her own room and washed up hastily before
heading downstairs.

Richard had just returned after his horse-riding class, and he was surprised to see that his mommy had
just woken up. “Did you just wake up, Mommy?”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded.

She calmed down just then, but she soon lost composure again as she realized a harsh truth: she slept
very well when she slept with Lucas.

However, there was no way she could do it again, considering the propriety men and women should
maintain in each other’s company.

Moreover, she remembered very well that Lucas had a girlfriend and she did not have the capacity to
fall in love with another man.

That was why it was pointless even though she found a solution for her medical condition.

“Daddy’s gone,’ Richard said a little sadly then.

“He’s not your daddy, Dicky-he’s just a stranger,” Cordy corrected her son patiently.

“No, he’s Daddy.”

“He doesn’t even look like John.”

“Looks change. Right now, I look nothing like myself when I was younger.”

Cordy was actually left stumped by Richard’s rebuttal, and it took her a while to explain, “That’s
different, since you’re in puberty. For adults, they won’t change too much because puberty is long over
for them. At most their looks would change a little as they age.”

“But plastic surgery is really advanced these days, no?” Richard retorted, looking at her straight in the

Cordy pursed her lips. “Even his personality is different from John’s. Aside from his appearance and
demeanor, there’s nothing that connects them.”

“But I think his personality is the same,” Richard insisted, seemingly assured that Lucas was his daddy.

“He probably didn’t show it around you, but he has a terrible personality and a sharp tongue. He really
hates women too…”

“But that’s Daddy.” Richard was actually even more convinced after everything Cordy pointed out.
“Mommy, you probably don’t know what Daddy’s like when he’s not around you, but he was always like
that when we lived abroad-bad-tempered with an even worse personality. Also, he would always think
that any woman who gets too close was lusting after him, so he would get very harsh with them so they
would tactfully leave on their own.”

Cordy was actually left frowning.

Richard was dead sure that she was talking about John and not Lucas.

However, she was not convinced because she saw that boat blow up with her own eyes.

Even if there were miracles in this world, John would never have chosen to stray away from them if he
survived that.

Absolutely not!

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