Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 629

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Richard continued, “Mommy, I think daddy might be-“

Cordy cut him short right then. “Dicky, I know you miss him. But the dead never return, and I’ll always
be here to take care of you.

She did not want him to hold onto false hopes because it was simply impossible.

And that applied to herself as well.

Richard bit his lip and tried to explain, but sensing that his mommy would not believe him, he decided
to investigate the matter on his own.

When the truth was out, she would know that he did not make a mistake.

“I’ll be going out for the afternoon. Be a good boy and stay home, okay?”


With that, Cordy left to look for Jim, her psychiatrist.

She was intent on telling him about the situation, so that he would break it down for her and maybe
help her with her insomnia.

Jim smiled after hearing her story. “Cordy, I think you might have fallen for this gentleman!”

“Impossible!” Cordy snapped bluntly. “I’ll never fall for him-l just found a sense of security because he
smells like John. There’s absolutely no sentiment between us, and I’d absolutely never fall for anyone
other than John!”

Jim shrugged. “Absolutes are never actually certain.”

“No. I’m absolutely 100% sure about this,” Cordy insisted.

“Alright.” Jim did not press the issue, and broke it down for her solemnly then. “Even if what you said
was really the truth, we’ve found the cure to your insomnia anyway.”

“What is it?” Cordy asked.

“Sleeping with that gentleman.’

Cordy was speechless. “I wouldn’t have to consult you if I could do that every day.”

“Why not?”

“I’ve already told him I’m not into him, and he has a girlfriend too.”

“And you mind him having a girlfriend?”

“Don’t warp my words. I’m not falling for it.”

Jim chuckled in turn-Cordy was simply too rational.

However, if she was a little less so, her stress might not have been that terrible.

Jim became serious again then. “Cordy, you’ve been suffering from insomnia for three years, and I’m
sure even other doctors have told you by now that your body will fall apart if this continues. Aside from
my methods to induce sleep, your only option is medication, which will only get less and less effective
until you develop a full immunity against it. But right now, you’ve found a way to effectively make
yourself sleep, and I believe you really shouldn’t reject it.”

As Cordy frowned, Jim continued, “Remember what I said about dating again? I really wasn’t kidding.”

“I can’t, Jim.”

“Try to open your heart.”

“I tried before.”

In fact, she had thought about it when Patrick Stuart wooed her relentlessly, but the very thought left
her heart hurting so much she could not breathe. And compared to her insomnia, she was even less
inclined to take the indescribable heartbreak that would result from it-it brought her such despair
against the world she considered ending it all for a split second.

But she still had Richard, so she must not love again.

Absolutely not.

“Is that really impossible?” Jim asked then.

Being a psychiatrist, he could read a person’s mind with just a look in the eye, let alone facial

“Really.” “Then…” Jim mused quietly for a while, before asking, “Were you able to sleep peacefully
because that gentleman smelled like John Levine?”

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