Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 633

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The dining table turned quiet.

It was obvious that Cordy had raised Richard well, as the boy observed all dining etiquette.

Naturally, Lucas was no slouch himself.

Still, he was surprised that the food here fits his palate to such an extent.

Was this really a coincidence? Most of the food here was really his favorite!

However, it was possible that Cordy went out of her way to find out about his preferences, and she just
had to ask Maron to know anything she wanted.

After dinner, Lucas did not tarry and returned to his room right away, wrapping his blanket in loops
around himself.

His scent would linger sufficiently like this, no?!

And yet, unbelievably-despite the deed itself being absolutely revolting, he was responding to it.

He promptly averted his eyes and whipped out his phone, intent on killing time.

That was when he heard a knock on his door, and a little head soon poked inside. ‘ Are you asleep,

Lucas stared at the boy in turn. “What is it?”

“I was worried you’re sick,” Richard replied. “Since you retired to your room very early.”

“I’m fine.”

“Then… Can I come in?”

“Why?” Lucas frowned.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“No.” Lucas refused right then.

Richard appeared wounded again, but Lucas said, “Your mommy won’t let you.”

“Why?” Richard was utterly puzzled, before something came to mind.” Because mommy wants to sleep
with you?”

Lucas had no idea what to say and simply went with it.

“Well, can I sleep with you for now and leave when mommy comes?”

“No,” Lucas refused again.

Richard appeared even more wounded and complained, “Daddy, your love for me changed ever since
you had Mommy.”

“Not really. It’s just an agreement between me and your mommy,” Lucas explained, going with the flow
just then.

“So you’re admitting that you’re my daddy?!” Richard exclaimed excitedly.

While Lucas was left speechless, Richard started toward him with arms wide open. ’ Daddy…”

“Don’t come closer!” Lucas sprang up on his bed right then-it took him considerable difficulty to plant
his scent on these sheets.

If Richard messed it up, he would have to do it all over again!

While Richard was left staring dolefully at his bizarre reaction, Lucas told him, “Don’t come near me.
Also, don’t call me Daddy. I’m not your daddy.”

“Why do you refuse to admit it? You must be amnesiac,” Richard said.

That had to be the only reason after thinking long and hard about it.

Otherwise, was there any other reason he refused to acknowledge his love for mommy? If he
remembered, he would be constantly hovering around mommy instead of keeping her at arm’s length
like this.

“Whatever you say. Now get out-l’m going to sleep.” Lucas snorted.

With that, Richard gave up on the indirect approach.

“Daddy, can I have a strand of your hair?” he asked bluntly.

He was going to charm his way to sleep with Lucas and steal his hair later in the night.

Clearly, that was not going to fly—his daddy was cunning, and his tricks were far from enough.

“For what?”

“A paternity test.” Richard was determined.

“Why won’t you give up?!”

“I will if you let me do the paternity test.”

“You’re really trivial,” Lucas snorted, resistant to the idea for some reason.

Was he afraid of disappointing a brat?

But what did Richard’s disappointment have to do with him?!

They were just strangers meeting by chance, and they would be strangers again soon enough.

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