Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 630

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Cordy nodded. ‘Yeah.”


As long as she could smell John’s ‘scent’, her heart would find security.

Then, all thoughts would be drained out of her mind, and she would unwittingly fall asleep.

“You could try retaining his scent,” Jim suggested.

“What do you mean?” Cordy asked.

“A person’s scent doesn’t fade that easily. It might linger on clothes he wore or on the bedsheets and
blankets he slept on. If you’re sure of a relationship between you and him, I suggest you use his
lingering scent to ease your insomnia.”

“Lingering scent…?” Cordy murmured.

The more she thought about it, the more freakish it looked… as if she was becoming a deviant!

Jim could read her thoughts, however, and said solemnly, ’Dignity is no concern when your health
hangs in the balance. Even if men and women should observe propriety and keep their distance, don’t
male doctors see ladies in their birthday suits during surgery?”

Cordy could not help being impressed-psychiatrists really hit the nail on the head.

Even as she left his office, she was increasingly convinced that he was right.

As such, the instant she reached home, she hurried to the room where

Lucas was staying last night, ready to carry all his blankets and pillows to his room to put the theory to
the test.

However, she was left dumbstruck when she entered the room-there were no pillows or blankets left at

She quickly went looking for Winston, who explained, “Today’s the monthly laundry day. Everything was
taken away to be washed and dried, to clear any stains and germs.”

Cordy actually felt as if she took a gut punch in that instant.

Winston saw Cordy’s clearly stunned reaction. “Did I make a mistake, Ms. Sachs?’

“N-No,” Cordy replied, shaking his head.

She did not issue instructions to him anyway, and he made no mistake in sticking to the regular laundry

Even so, she was a little depressed that John’s ‘scent’ was gone, just like that.

Moreover, she had no idea what Lucas would think of her if she called him to sleep here again for
another night and have his scent linger.

But just as Cordy was thinking about giving up, her phone started to ring.

It was Lucas himself.

She did not save his number, but she was sharp enough toward numbers to remember after one look.

She answered it to Lucas’ impatient voice. ‘Cordy Sachs, did you give me the wrong bank account
number last night? My transfers just aren’t getting through. Try checking to see if you made a mistake.’

He hung up immediately after.

In fact, Cordy had been in such a hurry to get home that she typed a little too quickly. Now that she
checked again, she realized the number she sent Lucas was wrong.

However, she hesitated just as she was about to resend it, her fingers pausing as they hovered the

She gritted her teeth and called him.

“So? Was there a mistake?” Lucas asked immediately in annoyance. “Send me the right one already-
l’m boarding my flight soon, and I don’t want to owe you money.’

“You’re boarding a flight? You found your passport?”

“Yes, the police found my luggage in a taxi,” Lucas said. ’Send me your bank account number already.”

Cordy hesitated for a while, but she ultimately asked anyway.

“If it’s convenient, do you mind sleeping another night at my place?”

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