Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 631

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Lucas snapped right then, “What the devil has gotten into you?!”

Cordy rolled her eyes. “I’m perfectly fine, thanks for asking.”

“If that’s true, why are you asking me to come to your place? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for me now!
Does that mean you climbed into my bed on purpose last night?!’

Cordy knew it-asking Lucas for help was just asking for it.

However, like Jim said, dignity was inconsequential when it came to her health.

As such, she gritted her teeth and went for it. “You don’t have to pay me back-just stay with me for one

“Are you crazy?! Are you trying to jump me?! What do you take me for, a gigolo?!”

“Who’s trying to jump you?!’ Cordy felt like she could die. ‘Also, I’d be the one losing out if I slept with
you! I’m even paying you for it!”

“Really?! And what would you lose?! You already have a child, while I…”

Lucas’ voice suddenly trailed off for a moment, but he soon snapped,” Anyway, I’m the one losing out
here! And I’m telling you, Cordy Sachs- you’re not buying me with seventy-five grand! Don’t even think
about it, because I’m priceless!’

Cordy took a deep breath to calm herself, since there would be no end to it if they kept arguing like this.

“Look, I have a condition,” she said calmly.

“Oh, I can certainly tell-“

“It’s chronic stress,” Cordy explained, cutting Lucas short. “It’s been three years, but I can’t sleep
naturally even for a single day-it’s either induced sleep or pills. Even so, the doctors tell me that the
medication will

eventually hurt my body and that induced sleep doesn’t treat the cause.”

“Whatever. You won’t find sympathy from me,” Lucas said ruthlessly.

“But I can fall asleep quickly in your arms,” Cordy said, stating her motive right then.

Lucas appeared taken aback at that, perhaps remembering that Cordy had been sleeping like a log the
two nights they slept together.

“You have a scent that’s familiar to me,” Cordy splained.

“So you’re pretending that I’m him?” Lucas scoffed.

“No, you two are nothing alike aside from your scents. My shrink told me that I may be reliant on the
smell and suggested that I try to sleep using that-“

“Are you a deviant?!” Lucas’ voice rose by a couple dozen decibels.

Still, Cordy already expected that from him. “You can talk to my shrink if you don’t believe me. I’ll give
you his number-“

“I refuse.” Lucas did not even think about it.

Cordy was left fuming in turn-if Richard could see how that man behaved now, he would never believe
that the man was his daddy.

“Also, hadn’t you slept with me last night? Just use the sheets I used…


Lucas actually could not stop himself from retching, as if he really could not take the extent of disgust.

Cordy took a deep breath to restrain her flaring temper, while asking

through gritted teeth, “You don’t like owing me, do you?”

“So send me the right bank account number.” i

“I refuse. You’d just have to owe me one.’

“Cordy Sachs!!!”

“Safe travels.” Cordy hung up with seething rage.

Truly, no one could leave her with such high blood pressure with just several exchanges.

She did not hold out any hope after hanging up either and actually regretted telling Lucas about her

And yet, two hours later, he was at her mansion again, with his luggage this time.

He was bristling from head to toe. “I missed my flight because of you, Cordy Sachs!”

Cordy was speechless.

That was his own choice, was it not?

“You’d better not be lying!” he snapped, and carried his luggage upstairs, acting as if he owned the
place instead of her.

No matter how Cordy looked, there was this sense as if Lucas was just returning home.

Richard emerged from his room when he heard the commotion outside, and he was greeted by the
sight of his daddy suddenly returning.

He could not bear to leave him and his mommy, huh?

Still, even Richard was smiling at Lucas, Lucas completely ignored the boy and strode past him!

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