Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 632

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Richard pouted.

Lucas was so bad-tempered that it was no surprise his mommy did not want to believe that he was
really daddy.

However, he was overjoyed that his daddy had returned-after all, he had thought about so many ways
to prove that Lucas was his daddy.

In the end, the most effective and direct method was a paternity test.

They just need to prove that they were father and son, and that would make evident Lucas was his

He had been depressed as he wondered how he could get Lucas’ hair, but here he was.

As Lucas put his luggage in the room he stayed last night, he noticed that the bedsheets had really
been changed…

What was he thinking?!

Even if Cordy really had a condition, what did it have to do with him?!

He just did not want to owe her anything!

Soon, it was evening, and Winston arrived to get him for dinner.

As Lucas got out of bed, his back was sore since he had been lying around since the afternoon.

When he was about to leave, he saw Winston preparing to change his bedsheets and was suddenly
agitated. “Don’t touch those.”

“What’s wrong, sir?” 1

“Just Lucas is fine.”

“But you’re not…” Winston trailed off, and corrected himself since Lucas was glowering. “Very well,

“Also, don’t touch my bed or it will catch your scent.”

Winston was speechless-John had been a clean freak but not to that extent!

Lucas simply pursed his lips.

He was not doing this for the sake of Cordy’s sleep-he just wanted to leave sooner, so that Cordy
would not be able to come up with some excuse to get close to him again.

As he headed downstairs, Cordy and Richard were waiting for him on the couch.

Cordy appeared indifferent to his arrival, while Richard eagerly walked up to greet him. “Daddy!”

“I’m not your daddy.”

“Lucas,” Richard corrected himself.

“Time to eat.” Cordy walked over and took Richard’s hand, leading him away.

She looked like a stereotypical guardian preventing Lucas from bullying the boy.

So she actually cared about her boy that much.

As the three of them sat at the dining table, Richard was exclaiming happily, “Daddy, tonight’s dishes…”

Lucas gave him a look, and he sounded wounded as he said, “Lucas…”

“Don’t mind him,” Cordy said, putting some food on his plate just then.” Just worry about yourself.”

Still, Richard sounded upset. ’I just wanted to say that I asked Winston to cook his favorites…”

Lucas pursed his lips, reflecting that he might be too severe toward a child given Richard’s reaction.

He might be a big child and almost as tall as Cordy now, but he was ultimately just ten and still had
babyish cheeks.

“Thank you,” Lucas said then, his ears flushing as he did and not quite sure why he was getting

“You’re welcome. Have as much as you like.” Richard was beaming happily right then.

Not only did his daddy respond to him, he was pleased that his daddy agreed that the dishes were his
favorites-even though his daddy did not tell him.

He really was Daddy, after all!

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