Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 635

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Cordy was left infuriated even as Lucas violently dragged her to his room.” Are you crazy, Lucas?’’

What was he doing in the middle of the night?!

Did he not hate her getting close to him?!

“You’re the crazy one’’ Lucas growled viciously. “You stood me up after I warmed the bed for you! You
know, I really should…”

Cordy glared at him.

What can he do to her, when she knew all too well that he was not interested in her body?!

“Should, what?!” Cordy challenged him.

“I…” Lucas once again trailed off, unable to say anything for a long while.

“What can you do to me-ah!”

Cordy yelped as her whole body was pinned against the wall, his towering form restraining her dainty
figure in place and denying her any chance of escape.

Under the dim lights, she saw the fury in his eyes as if he could eat her.

She was really confused—how did she upset him?!

“You’re really not afraid of me, are you?’ Lucas growled through his teeth, his face contorted with rage.

Cordy had the feeling he was just venting at her and was getting grouchy in turn. ’What? What are you
going to do tonight?’

It was very late-she did not want to wake anyone else, since they needed sleep even if she could not
fall asleep.

“I… I really want to kill you,” Lucas snarled, clenching his fist.

Cordy was wary, but she realized she forgot about that.

He was not interested in her body and would not stray out of line, but his temper was so bad that if he
got physical, she would not even be able to survive a single punch.

“What, are you afraid now?” Lucas smiled savagely when he saw the fear in her eyes.

No way!

She was not convinced that he would actually hit her-a civilized man would never go that far.

Deciding to calm down and talk things out, Cordy softened her voice in turn. “You thought I was going
to sleep with you when I asked you to come over, didn’t you? I might have not expressed myself
clearly, but my shrink only suggested that I retain items with your scent to ease my amnesia.

That’s why you just have to sleep here for one night and make sure your scent is in the pillows and
sheets. We don’t have to sleep together on the same bed.”

Lucas raised a brow. ‘Are you able to fall asleep on your own?”

“I don’t mind losing sleep tonight,” Cordy said bluntly. “I’m used to that before I met you, and a couple
nights without sleep doesn’t hurt me. You should go to bed-don’t let me keep you up.”

For some reason, all the frustration in Lucas’ chest eased immediately.

It was as if Cordy just had to be a little nice, and he would not get upset.

It was almost like he was possessed.

“Go on,’ she said, pushing him off gently.

Lucas released her in turn, but just as Cordy turned and started toward her room, he suddenly stopped

“Cordy, I’m afraid I’m the type who goes the extra mile,” he said. “I’m letting you sleep in my bed
despite my reluctance, just don’t get touchy-feely. I can get sensitive toward women’’

Still, Cordy smiled. “Thanks, but I’ll pass. I—”

“F*cking… stop pissing me off!” he snapped.

Another outburst just because she rejected him, leaving her speechless.

That was some serious rebellious streak he had… but he had to be past that age by now!

Still, Cordy was reluctant to argue, and she eventually gave in.

But as both of them lay down on the same bed, things got weirdly awkward. In fact, there was physical
space between them that could fit three people!

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