Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 636

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It was not as if they had not slept together before.

However, while Cordy slept as if it was natural on both previous occasions, now that Lucas actually let
her sleep in his bed, she felt a little psychologically resistant to the idea.

As such, she did not fall asleep, just as she could sense that Lucas was not falling asleep either.

Like she said, they did not have to do it.

But just as she was about to leave, a pair of large hands pulled her back to bed-and his arm strength
was certainly strong, holding her firmly as if she was a pet!

In the next instant, she felt her entire person being pressed against his chest, while Lucas demanded
above her head, “Sleep!”

She was speechless. Did he have no understanding of tenderness?!

“I never warmed anyone’s bed before. Waste my sacrifice, and I’ll give you a pounding!” he threatened
savagely then.

Cordy was at a loss for words—he was obviously being nice, but somehow could be violent about it.

She wondered how his girlfriend dealt with that temper.

Still, she did not bother resisting.

Jim was right—everything they were doing right now was to treat her condition, and moral obligations
were of no concern.

Soon, she started to doze off and fell asleep.

Lucas watched her do so in his arms and began to wonder if she had swindled him.

She clearly had no issues sleeping!

On the other hand, he was unable to sleep at all whenever he slept with her.

This better had not been a lie. If he ever found out that his sacrifice was pointless, he would…

Lucas clenched his fists then.

Cordy was banking on him to not get violent, was she not?

That was why she had the guts to do whatever she wanted!

The next day, Cordy opened her eyes and immediately felt soreness on her back.

She shifted her body and then noticed that Lucas had her pinned down beneath him.

And he was as heavy as an elephant!

Moreover, his legs were straddled around her hip. She had just moved a little, and his legs immediately
tightened, almost snapping her hip right then!

He did not sleep like this on both previous occasions!

Was this payback?

It had to be.

Gritting her teeth, Cordy tried to get away from Lucas again. However, she barely moved when he
promptly pressed further down on him, pushing her deeper into the mattress as if in search of a more
comfortable position.

She seemed to be affecting his sleep every instant she made to leave.

Still, she told her not to get upset-she would not have slept so well if not for him, and she should be

Even so, it really hurt to stay stiffly in this position.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to leave again.

Suddenly, she noticed something rising.

And being experienced enough, she snapped at him, “Lucas Lynch!”

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