Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 637

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Lucas was dreaming about something utterly soft and mild.

He felt great in every inch of his body as if he had arrived in paradise, delighting his body and so.

Naturally, the sudden shriek beside his ear startled him.

He opened his groggy eyes and saw Cordy from up close, looking utterly unhappy and… blushing?

Lucas, however, did not care that much-being yanked out of his sweet dream left his temper flaring.

“Is this how you treat your savior, Cordy Sachs?!” he growled angrily. “I would have been careful not to
wake you if I woke early myself, but you’d actually treat me so harshly! Doesn’t your conscience hurt?!”

Cordy was actually prepared, expecting grouchiness from him when he woke her.

Biting her lip, she said, ‘I was worried you’ll regret it.”

“What would I regret? Wait, I am already regretting warming your bed! I mean, insomnia? You’re clearly
sleeping like a log, even snoring so loudly I can’t sleep at all! And the instant I closed my eyes and
started to sleep, you had to wake me! You’re really out to get me, aren’t you, Cordy Sachs?!”

His molars were clenching even as he snarled her name, as if he could bite her right then.

Cordy rolled her eyes, and merely gestured with her head without saying a word.

Lucas was left bristling.

“You molested me, Cordy?!”

He bellowed so loudly as if Cordy was the one who took advantage of him.

Cordy swore her eardrums almost perforated right then. She quietly inhaled deeply before telling him
slowly and deliberately, “Don’t you have a sense of what you were doing to me?!”

Lucas did a double take but was soon blushing.

“Now that you understand, can you let me off?” Cordy prompted him.

Coming to his senses right then, Lucas virtually bounced off her.

He had no idea why, but he was always slow to catch up wherever this woman was concerned.

It even felt like he was being led by the nose!

“Don’t think too much about it,” Lucas said, not forgetting to defend himself as he quickly got out of bed
and headed to the bathroom. “I was just dreaming about my girlfriend…”

“I won’t,” Cordy said nonchalantly. “I’m wide awake now, so I’ll be going. You should sleep in.”

With that, Lucas was left watching as Cordy calmly got out of bed, genuinely staying unaffected.

Any normal woman would more or less take exception when it comes to stuff like this. Even if she did
not like it, she had to feel disgusted.

Even so, Cordy really did not react at all, as if she did not care whatever happened to him.

It left him mysteriously irked.

Cordy breathed a heavy sigh of relief after he left Lucas’ room and returned to her own bed.

It was not as if she was really unaffected after going through that, but she was not at the level where
she really cared either.

All she felt was a tinge of annoyance, and she thought she should cut ties with Lucas sooner.

As such, she got out of bed and left the mansion right away.

Before she did, she told Winston not to touch Lucas’ room at all and to ideally lock it after he was gone-
no one except her was permitted inside. She naturally could tell that Winston misunderstood her

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