Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 638

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Cordy decided to leave the misunderstanding alone, since she did not want her efforts to go to waste,
not after she had gone through such lengths to bring Lucas back to the mansion.

Meanwhile, Lucas stayed in his bed until noon.

He was unable to sleep after Cordy left.

He was supposed to be absolutely sleepy since he went the whole night without sleep, but somehow
could not.

He realized then how horrible it was to lose sleep.

But Cordy somehow went through the same thing for days and nights. How did she survive that?!

Soon, he got out of bed and headed downstairs after washing up and getting changed.

Richard was practicing the piano softly downstairs.

He leaped off the piano and stood when he saw that Lucas was up and walked up to him. “You’re up,

“Call me Lucas.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded tamely-he was going to verify their connection soon enough when he headed
to the hospital.

He would make sure that his mommy and daddy knew that he was right.

“Where’s your mommy?” Lucas asked casually, but for some reason, his heart skipped a beat.

What the hell?!

“She left. She went to her office since something came up,” Richard replied. “She said she won’t be
staying for lunch since she’ll be gone the whole day.”

“Really?” Lucas replied flatly.

The more she made herself sound nonchalant, the more he seemed to care.

That woman was the classic type of woman who disposed of tools after using them, huh?!

She knew he was leaving yesterday, but went out of her way to make him stay—and she was not even
seeing her off?!

“Are you missing Mommy, Daddy?” Richard asked seriously as he watched Lucas’ reaction.

“You’re kidding.” Lucas snorted in disdain.

“I can call her if you miss her. She’ll come home no matter how important it is, as long as I call her

“I’m hungry.” Lucas simply changed the subject while acting like he did not care.

But he was not saying no!

Usually, his daddy was giving his silent approval as long as he did not say no.

He really never changed over the years.

Hence, Richard asked Winston to start bringing in the food while sneakily making a call. “Mommy,
aren’t you coming home for lunch?”

“No, why? Is something wrong, Dicky?”

Cordy was endlessly tender when it came to Richard, as if she would save all the good temper she had
in life for him.

“I miss you, Mommy,” Richard said a little miserably. “You’re always busy, but why do you have to work
on the weekend too? Can’t you spend more time with me?”

Cordy felt a pain in her chest.

She certainly was very busy and did not spend much time with Richard, though he was certainly
understanding enough to never complain about it too.

Today was the first time this ever happened.

As such, Cordy immediately agreed to it. “Okay, I’ll be right back. “Thanks, Mommy.’ Richard was
beaming right then.

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