Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 640

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There was a large bruise over Corby’s head too.

While Lucas was hesitating if he should help her to her feet, Richard cried out worriedly from behind,

He must have heard her fall and rushed up the stairs.

Winston was following the boy and was stunned to find Cordy on the floor and bleeding profusely from
her nose. “What happened, Ms. Sachs?! I’ll get the family doctor right this instant!”

“Mommy? Mommy? Does it hurt? You’re bleeding…” Richard was crouching on the floor, heartbreak
showing all over his little face.

Lucas, however, knew that someone as young as Cordy would not suffer much from a fall like that.

Hence, he turned to leave after a brief hesitation.

Cordy hence watched as she went, thinking to herself that she honestly did not want to see that vile
man ever again.

She would never reach out to him even if he lived next door!

To no surprise, Lucas never got in touch with Cordy ever since he left North City. They both seemed
content to stay in their respective corners, and no degree of misfortune would make them meet again.

And after he was gone, Cordy was hugging the pillows and blankets he slept on every night.

It was freakish, but she really did fall asleep with that scent that was so identical to John’s.

Even if she did not sleep soundly, she could at least sleep for several hours each night-a profound
blessing for someone who had been insomniac as long as she had been.

However, she never thanked Lucas-any gratitude she felt toward him was nullified on the day he left,
when he mercilessly let her fall.

She could not help feeling the impulse to strangle when she remembered she had to go to work with a
huge lump on her head as well.

On another note, Cordy received a parcel at home the day after Lucas left, which was strangely
addressed to Richard.

She was perplexed, since Richard would always use her name for web purchases.

Perhaps her boy was really growing up?

Still, she took it to Richard’s room since she did not have the habit of spying on his belongings.

Who knew? It might be a love letter from a classmate, even though Richard was a little young forthat.

But the instant she put it down on his desk, she inadvertently noticed the words [DNA test].

And the envelope was from one of the leading hospitals in North City.

Curiosity spurred Cordy to open the envelope, even though she knew instantly what it was.

Richard was smart-once he was sure that Lucas was his father, he would definitely come up with some
method to prove it.

She actually thought about it, but there was a voice in her heart that told her that Lucas was not John.

Nonetheless, her heart was pounding at that very moment.

She had no idea what she was expecting or nervous about.

If it was not the case, so be it-there was nothing to be hopeful about.

In fact, she actually felt that he was completely unable to accept that Lucas was John.

Even if there were certain aspects that were similar about them, they were quite simply completely
different people.

Gritting her teeth, she took out the paternity test results and read through the monochrome contents.

Cordy bit her lip, but she was ultimately unable to stop her tears from welling out of her eyes.

It was just as expected—it hurt, no matter how long it has been.

She put the piece of paper back into the envelope and left it on Richard’s desk.

He was the one who did it, so he should confirm it himself and face the truth.

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