Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 644

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In a public makeup room backstage of the shooting room of Actors on Set, the makeup artists chatted
with each other as they worked. “Hey, did you guys see him? Mr. Parker, the great director, is here. I
didn’t believe it when they announced that he would join this show. After all. I’ve never seen him join
any variety show. So, our TV station is quite awesome.”

“Yes, I saw him. I walked past from behind him just now. He’s so handsome and tall. He’ll be very
outstanding among the stars. It’s a pity that he became a director.”

“It’s not a pity at all. We won’t see so many good films if he’s not a director. Not only are his movies and
dramas good, but the female stars in his shows are very beautiful too. The people in the field claim that
there won’t be any ugly women in his shows. He’s indeed a lucky star for female celebrities.”

“That’s right. I saw an actress before, who is a famous star now. She generally looked ordinary, but the
audience soon saw how beautiful she was in Mr. Parker’s show. She also nearly competed for the best
actress because of his movie…’Another makeup artist suddenly stopped talking.

She knew that if she dwelled on that anymore, she would have mentioned that star’s name.

The walls had ears. If word got out about that, she would not be able to survive in that field.

However, everyone knew whom she was referring to at such a point-it was Cora.

She could be considered a female star who got famous very fast in recent years. It was said that she
had an abundance of resources. Jay made her the heroine in many large films and dramas, and he
was set on making her popular.

Of course, it was reasonable that Jay helped her so much, and many people could only endure their
jealousy. After all, Cora was born into such a good family.

Cora was the young lady of the Levine family. Although the Levine family readjusted their property
because of John’s death and they stopped involving themselves in business, they were still considered
the richest company in North City. No one company could compare with the Levine family in terms of
their property. Someone made a calculation and found that the Levine family wealth would last them for
three generations even if they did nothing.

So, the Levine family was not lacking in resources. Besides, Jay was Cora’s uncle nominally. Who
dared to raise any opinion given that relationship?

“Alas, some people are born to be superior. We cant be jealous of that.” Claire Walker, an actress in the
public makeup room, made a sentimental remark.

She was a mere walk-on for nearly ten years, and she was never famous.

Now she went to join that show to give herself more chances.

When she heard the makeup artists’ chit-chat, she naturally knew that they were talking about Cora,
the famous star.

When Cora first joined the industry, many people did not think highly of her. After all, she was quite old,
given her debut age as an actress. Besides, her appearance was not particularly striking in the
entertainment industry, and her acting skills were ordinary too. So, it was Jay who brought her up.

They did not know if it was because she had the aura of a famous star or not. She had become so
beautiful, and her aura and other aspects had improved too. Her acting skills also improved by leaps
and bounds. If they wanted to criticize her now, they would be making rumors and trouble.

“By the way, Zoe, where did you go these three years?” Claire suddenly asked the person who was
putting on makeup beside her.

Zoe looked at herself in the mirror.

She had gone to another city in these three years.

She lived with Cora for three years.

At first, she thought that she would lead such a dull life. Suddenly, she received an invitation from a
director, asking her if she wanted to rejoin the entertainment industry. There was a TV show that would
give the actresses who had passed their prime a stage to become famous again.

She was slightly hesitant.

She was forced to leave the industry back then. Nancy prohibited her from staying in the entertainment
industry, but she had always liked acting.

Three years had passed since, and Cora had gained everything she should have in the Levine family.
Besides, the Levine family had retreated from the business field, and they no longer owned any filming
companies. They had no absolute power in the entertainment industry now. So, it might be a chance if
she wanted to rejoin the entertainment industry…

After a brief hesitation, she agreed to it.

She did not know that Jay would join the show too when she signed the contract. Even if she knew that
he would join the show beforehand… she might have come. After all, she did not have to hide anymore
if she appeared before the public again.

Besides, she felt that they did not hold any grudges against each other. They owed each other nothing,
so he did not have to make things difficult for her.

Today was the first show.

She felt great pressure to be one of the actresses who joined the competition in the first show.

The key was that she had left the entertainment industry for three years. She did not practice her acting
skills or have any contact with cameras, and she did not know if she would be nervous when she got
on the stage. She had made a few mistakes during the rehearsal the day before.

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