Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 647

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“Hmm,” Jay answered.

“What a pity! I thought so highly of her that year,” Hailey added.

She was an experienced elder, and she was also considered an artist in performance. For her, her
fame and honor in the entertainment industry were no longer important now. She sincerely hoped to
see new power rise to support the entertainment industry instead of those famous young stars who had
no acting skills at all.

Jay then ignored her.

He glued his gaze on Zoe, and he could not avert his gaze at all until Zoe’s performance ended.

She bowed to the audience and judges before she turned around to leave the stage.

“Please stay, Zoe.” The host suddenly went up the stage from backstage and stopped her.

That session was not included in the previous rehearsal.

The actresses who needed to answer questions were informed beforehand. She was sure that she did
not receive such a notice.

However, she still paused and faced the hostjudges, and audience.

“Everyone is very surprised to see you on this stage. What was the reason that you left the
entertainment industry temporarily back then?” The host’s first question was too sharp.

It might be because they were afraid that she would not be willing to accept such an interview, so they
did not inform her beforehand.

Zoe had long lost her previous temper when she was in the entertainment industry in the past. Now she
was very grateful to be back. Of course, she would not resist the only benefactor who could help her
now. Besides, she could not show a long face in front of so many spectators.

She smiled and answered, “I was young and vigorous that I did some impulsive things back then. That
was why I left.”

“What impulsive things?”

“It’s my private affair, but I’ve reflected on myself after calming down for three years and have now
turned over a new leaf. If the entertainment circle gives me a chance, I’ll cherish this stage well.” Zoe
sounded sincere.

The previous top star, who looked down on the world from the most dazzling spotlight, had now
suddenly become slightly inferior. All her rough edges seemed to have been smoothed out by life.

One could not help but sigh at the radical life changes.

“I believe that the stage won’t let you down if you make the effort.” The host controlled the scene and
said so before he turned to the judges.” Judges, do you need to comment on Zoe’s previous

Hailey was the first to speak. “Zoe, I’m not very interested in the affair of you leaving the entertainment
industry all of a sudden. After all, one has their own private life even though one is a public figure. So,
others should give understanding and support.”

“Thank you, Ms. Zimmerman.” Zoe put her palms together to thank Hailey.

“Don’t thank me first,” Hailey said seriously. “Of course, we care about your acting skills on this stage.
Your acting skills weren’t so rusty three years ago. You even looked quite pretentious in some parts of

your acting. Didn’t you study acting in these three years? You knew that you were going to join this
show, but you didn’t prepare well, did you?”

She doubted Zoe.

Zoe thought of the possibility that she would not have advantages in this competition. It might turn out
to be only a one-day trip, but she never expected to be criticized by the judges on the spot.

The main thing was nobody had told her about that session.

She wore a smile. Even though the other party was unfriendly, she had to smile at them. She then
explained, “I didn’t think of coming back when I left, so I didn’t study acting at all these three years. But
I did prepare seriously when I was invited by the crew. However, it had been such a long time since I
had been away from the stage, and I got too nervous. I am in fact not as skilled as I was before, but I
believe that I can revert to my usual self as long as you give me a few more chances, so much so that I
can surpass…”

“Chances are given to people who are ready.” Hailey interrupted Zoe.

So, Zoe could only force a smile and suffer in silence.

“Zoe, I agreed with Ms. Zimmerman’s opinion after I watched your performance today,” Cameron
chimed in. “There’s indeed some difference in comparison with your past self. We think that you should
be better.”

That was not a form of encouragement at all.

They were trying to manipulate her psychologically.

“Yes.” Zoe could only maintain her faint smile and nodded.

“But I think there’s one thing about your performance that moved me. It was when you finally saw the
child who was separated from you for so many years. Your gaze and emotion were just right. May I
take the liberty and ask if you had a secret marriage and gave birth to a child in these three years?”

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