Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 648

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“No.” Zoe denied it and tried her best to make a joke. “Well, I’m still a lucky single lady.”

“If that’s the case, I think there’s something worth expecting in your acting skills.”

“Thank you, sir.” Zoe bent and thanked him.

“I also felt a lot of things when I saw Zoe’s performance just now,” Harry chimed in. ‘Zoe, do you
remember we once cooperated?”

“Of course I do.” Smiling, Zoe admitted to it.

They debuted at the same time, but she got famous faster than him.

However, times changed.

He was now a judge while she became a candidate.

“I heard Ms. Zimmerman and Mr. Moore’s comments on your acting skills and I feel that they made the
right comment. So, I won’t say much. I just hope that you can continue on your journey at this stage.
I’m rooting for you.” Harry cheered her up.

“Thank you, Mr. Campbell.” Zoe made a polite bow again.

When she got up, she looked at Jay.

Since all the judges had commented on her acting, Jay could not act differently.

She looked over and then met Jay’s gaze.

They did not meet each other for three years. It seemed like they had become strangers who did not
know each other.

Even though Jay’s appearance had not changed a bit…

However, she had undergone drastic changes. Her current makeup did not resemble her very much.

She still kept her smile, for there were cameras everywhere, and she did not want others to make a
fuss about it if they caught any expression.

Currently, she had to be careful.

Jay did not speak for a long time.

He just looked at Zoe like that, and his bony hands seemed to have tightened slightly.

“Mr. Parker?” The host could not help reminding him.

Jay’s gaze moved slightly.

He then glanced at Zoe before turning away.

He bowed his head and slowly sorted out the score sheet in his hand before he uttered lightly, “They
gave a full comment, so I’ve got nothing to say at the moment.”

“Okay,” the host quickly said. “Then Zoe, please return backstage to rest for a while and wait for the
result of the competition. Thank you for giving us such an amazing performance.”

With a round of applause, Zoe got off the stage.

She finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Although she did not perform well, she had completed her first step.

Even though she failed at this step, she made others see that she was back in the entertainment circle.
She would be able to take up jobs from now on.

She returned to her seat when she returned backstage.

Claire whispered, “I think your performance was very good. The judges were just too strict.”

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