Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 652

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Earlier, he had been looking forward to Zoe’s retaliation. Even if she were to bring trouble upon herself,
he would help her secretly resolve the situation. But she eventually decided to compromise.

She clearly was not at fault, but she would rather be misunderstood than cause further trouble.

Jay subconsciously pursed his lips.

After Zoe left North City TV station, she went straight to the train station.

She wore her mask and cap, ensuring that she was all wrapped up so that no one would recognize her.

In reality, gone were her days of popularity that right now, no one would recognize her. But she wanted
to avoid all unnecessary trouble if she could.

She started to walk briskly.

Just then, someone called her from behind. ’Zoe.”

Zoe’s heart began thumping harder.

She stopped in her tracks, but dared not turn back to look.

She bit her lip as she saw Cordy walk toward her.


Cordy did not think that she was hallucinating.

Lucas was not a hallucination as well. He really looked like John.

Whereas Zoe York remained Zoe York.

After not seeing each other for three years, she looked slightly different.

She was dressed so…ordinarily.

She looked different from the woman of the past who was always so trendily and fashionably dressed.

Cordy noticed that even the bag that Zoe was carrying was a counterfeit.

It was not even a good-quality counterfeit, but one that could easily be identified at a second look.

Did Zoe not care any more?

Did she not care about her reputation any more?

“Cordy.” Zoe swallowed her tears and smiled. ”It’s been a while.”

“You know that it’s been a while?!” Cordy was clearly displeased, her eyes turning red with unshed
tears. ’Where have you been the past three years? Why didn’t you contact Quinn and I?”

“Didn’t I make myself clear previously? You and Quinn are my last resort. Clearly, I haven’t reached the
point of needing to take the last resort.” Zoe chuckled.

Cordy looked at Zoe chuckling.

It was a bright laughter, but the sound of it made Cord/s heart ache.

If life had been smooth sailing for Zoe, she would not have only come back now.

She would not have participated in that so-called competition too.

“Don’t be like this. Let’s have a meal together.” Zoe could not stand the look on Cordy’s face. “Let’s call
Quinn too.”

Since Zoe had returned, if she did not take the initiative to call Quinn, Quinn would certainly want to
murder if she knew that Zoe did not look for her the moment she returned.

What’s more, the moment Actors on Set started broadcasting, the news of her return would spread
across the entire country.

“Sure.” Cordy tried to compose herself as she nodded in agreement.

Cordy made a reservation at a restaurant and called Quinn.

Zoe called Clara to tell her about the change of plans, that she would not be going home for dinner

Clara was always cautious around Zoe and dared not fault her for anything. Clara merely reminded her
to stay safe and go home early.

When Cordy and Zoe arrived at the restaurant and settled down, Quinn arrived just in time.

The moment Quinn saw Zoe, the anger boiling in her heart quickly gave way to overflowing concern
and heartache as she said, “You still bothered to come back? You probably forgot that you’re from
North City.”

Zoe knew that she should not have left without saying goodbye, even changing her phone number and
not taking the initiative to contact them. She did feel slightly guilty about that.

When she left back then, she truly felt the hopelessness of everything in this city.

She seriously considered leaving and never coming back.

Therefore, she decided to be ruthless and abandon all her friends.

That was why she never contacted her over the past three years. She feared that she was unable to
persevere in her decision.

There were people living in this city whom she would feel hurt and sorrow each time she thought of
them. She did not want to live with so much struggle and pain, so she decided that she would neither
return nor contact anyone until she had truly let go of things.

Three years was neither a very long nor very short period of time.

It was enough for her to let everything go, and it allowed her to start anew in pursuing her dreams and
her career.

So she decided to make use of this platform to return to this city.

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