Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 653

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“I’m back now, aren’t I?” Zoe smiled cheekily.

“I thought you were never coming back!” Quinn complained.

Of course, Zoe would never dare to admit that she had considered that possibility before.

She had become a lot more tactful over the years.

“I just went elsewhere to get a breather. Now that I’m in a better mood, I’m back.’ Zoe tried to explain

“Why didn’t you reach out to us over the past three years?’ Quinn could not get over herself.

“Can’t I just wallow in self-pity for a while? All of you ended up rich and famous, while I’m down and
out. Can’t you give me some time to be jealous of you guys?”

“Zoe! Be serious!”

“Yes, yes. I was just afraid that if I reached out to you, you would betray me. There are many people in
North City I don’t want to see, so I had to hide.”

“Who are they?”

“Don’t you already know?” Zoe tried to skirt the topic.

“Jay Parker?” Quinn cut straight to the chase.

“Not just him, really.”

“Did you know that back then, Jay…”

“Can we not talk about him, please?” Zoe cut her off. “I just saw him at the broadcasting station earlier
and his expression was so dark he looked as if I owed him millions. Make me feel better today, won’t

“So it’s to hide from Jay.”

“Really, it’s not just him. There’s also Bob Davis, Nancy Levine…you guys have some sort of
connection with them too, so I decided to hide from you guys as well.”

“Since when were you so cowardly, Zoe?!”

“You’re looking right at someone who’s been tortured by harsh reality,” Zoe said honestly yet casually.

One could sense that she was in a positive frame of mind, in which she had let go of things that
previously haunted her.

Quinn wanted to say something further, but Cordy stopped her. “Zoe is back. Let the past stay in the

Quinn pursed her lips.

Zoe shot Cordy a look of gratitude.

She almost could not take Quinn’s questioning.

“Do you know? Many major things happened in North City while you were away.” Quinn decided to stop
complaining and began chatting about another topic.

“I’ve watched everything that was reported on major news outlets.” 1

“Such as?”

“John Levine’s death,” Zoe said.

She glanced at Cordy as she said that.

Cordy remained calm and composed.

When Zoe left back then, Cordy and John’s relationship was not going well, thus Zoe was also not
aware how Cordy and John’s relationship progressed subsequently.

“The Levines sold off all their assets.”

“Alan Levine passed away.”

“Oh yes, and Richard Levine is Cordy’s son.” Zoe listed them all.

She did so before Quinn gave her a hard time about it.

“Bob Davis and Cora Levine are a couple now.”

“Cora Levine has become a top-notch celebrity.”

“And…Sam Poodle is in jail.*

Quinn’s eyes narrowed.

“Back then, he was sentenced to three years’jail time. He should be released soon, I suppose?”

“I suppose so,” Quinn said indifferently.

“Did you divorce Sam Poodle?”

“Why did you suddenly ask that?” Quinn looked at Zoe.

“Isn’t him being jailed your best chance to ask for a divorce?”

“I didn’t divorce him.”

“Why not?’ Zoe furrowed her brows.

She had always thought that Quinn and Sam were divorced, although the media did not report about

However, given that Sam was in jail, the Saunders family could not possibly force Quinn to stay with
him, could they?!

“A divorce wasn’t necessary.”

“How many times does he have to let you down for you to consider a divorce necessary?” Zoe said
rather agitatedly.

“Whatever it is, he’s not as bad as you think he is.”

“I can’t believe you’re speaking up for him! Quinn Summer, are you hiding something from me?’

“You hid from me for three whole years. Isn’t it normal for me to hide some things from you?” Quinn
said, trying to justify herself.

Zoe was rendered speechless.

Cordy tried to hold back her laughter as she listened to their conversation.

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