Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 654

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Despite having not met for three years, the three of them simply picked up from where they left off.

Zoe was still as lively as she was.

Did she really manage to let everything go over the past three years?

Did she really manage to let go of Jay, Bob, and the Levine family?!

The atmosphere remained excellent throughout their meal.

After dinner, they settled the bill and left without lingering for too long.

When they left the restaurant, the three of them stopped in their tracks.

They saw Nancy.

Next to her stood Bob and Cora, walking hand in hand.

They were probably just done with their dinner and about to leave.

Coincidentally, they bumped into them.

More specifically, Zoe bumped into them and things were so tense one could cut the atmosphere with a

Nancy was clearly shocked at seeing Zoe.

Ever since she threatened Zoe, Zoe disappeared for three whole years.

Just when she had almost forgotten about Zoe’s existence, Zoe appeared right before her eyes again.

Their meeting this time…

Was not as volatile and explosive.

They had almost become strangers.

“You’re back, Zoe?” Cora ended up being the first one to speak.

She asked her question in a tone of surprise.

After today’s filming session of Actors on Set, she left right after things were wrapped up.

Her dressing room was definitely not the same as Zoe’s.

Therefore, Cora did not bump into Zoe and was truly unaware about her return.

“Yes, I have,* Zoe replied to her.

She glanced casually at Bob, who had been staring at her all the while.

He stared so hard at her that his eyes turned slightly red.

“It’s been a while.” Zoe took the initiative to greet Bob.

She did not hold back and shot him a bright smile.

Bob swallowed past his constricted throat, and he almost could not suppress the emotions roiling in the
depths of his chest.

“Bob.” Cora furrowed her brows.

His grip over her hand had tightened so much that it was beginning to hurt.

That was when Bob snapped back to attention.

He released Cora’s hand and said to Zoe, “Hey, welcome back.*

“Got to go, I have a beauty appointment at night.” Nancy rushed Bob and Cora.

“Okay.” Cora acquiesced immediately. She had always been obedient to Nancy.

Bob left with the two ladies.

When he left, he even turned around to glance at Zoe.

Zoe shot him a faint smile, which was rather stiff.

From the bottom of her heart, she was happy for Bob that he had found his happiness.

Even if she had animosity toward Cora, which was inevitable given the complicated relationship
between them, she was willing to give Bob and Cora her blessings.

“Jealous?” Quinn teased as she looked at Zoe.

Zoe shook her head, “I’m quite glad, actually.”

“Is that so?”

“I felt bad toward Bob previously, but I feel much better now seeing how well he’s living his life.”

“How exactly did you and Bob break up?” Quinn couldn’t hold back her curiosity and asked.

“We just… weren’t suited for each other.”

“Not suited for each other?”

“Disparity in our family backgrounds,” Zoe explained further.

Quinn, the ever-smart lawyer, got it immediately, “His parents objected to him being with you?”

“It’s all in the past.” Zoe did not give Quinn a direct response. “We should be looking forward to the
future right now.”

Quinn thought that what Zoe said made sense.

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