Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 655

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The three of them left the restaurant.

‘Til send you home,” Cordy and Quinn said to Zoe at the same time.

Three of them exchanged glances and smiled.

What chemistry.

Zoe shook her head. “I’ll head home myself. This place isn’t far from my apartment and it’s quite
convenient to get home.”

“Why don’t you let us send you home?’ Quinn’s eyes narrowed. “Are you going to refuse to meet us
again from tomorrow onward?”

“How could that be? I’ve set my mind to taking root here,” Zoe said exaggeratedly, “I forgot to tell you
guys, I’m participating in this variety show called Actors on Set and I just progressed to the next stage.”

“So why aren’t you letting us send you home?” Quinn was adamant.

“My house is shoddy and I’m afraid I won’t be a good host to you both.

After I strike it rich and buy a huge mansion, I’ll invite both of you to my house and extend amazing

“I’m afraid I won’t live so long to see that day come.” Quinn joked with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey, how can you look down on me as my best friend?! I came back this time determined to take over
the entertainment circle again. I’m bound to climb the ranks and be an A-list celebrity again.”

“I’m kidding. Of course I believe in you.’

“I’ll be off then.” Zoe waved goodbye and left.

“Zoe.” Quinn called out to her.

Cordy shot Quinn a look.

Quinn immediately understood what Cordy was thinking. ‘Take care,’ she said.

“I’ll text you guys once I reach home.”

After Zoe disappeared from sight, Quinn turned to Cordy and said with a tinge of worry in her voice,
“Do you really think Zoe has let go of the past?”

“I’m not sure,” Cordy shook her head.

“She looks like that heartless Zoe York once again,’ Quinn mumbled to herself.

Cordy truly did not know.

And that was because she looked pretty normal in front of others, but she knew deep inside that she
had never been able to let go of things.

Zoe boarded a bus to get home.

She had forgotten since when she had gotten used to taking public transportation.

She looked at North City’s skyline in the beautiful night through the window.

This place still felt like home even after three years.

It was the right decision to return, after all.

Just then, her phone rang.

Zoe saw an unfamiliar number on the screen but answered it anyway.” Hello?”

“It’s me, Bob.”

She had never been sensitive to numbers.

After she switched to a new phone and changed her number, she deleted all her previous contacts.

“You even deleted my number.” Bob chuckled self-derisively.

“Not just yours, I deleted everyone else’s too. Not even Cordy and Quinn were spared,” Zoe explained.

“In that case, I should be happy then.”

Zoe chuckled.

Bob had a sense of humor, as always.

“What are you calling me for?” Zoe tried her best to make herself sound normal. A thought suddenly
came to mind. “How did you get my number after I changed it?’

“I asked Cordy for it,” Bob answered. “As for why I’m calling you…perhaps it’s just to confirm that
you’re really back.”

Zoe could not help but bite her lip.

“Don’t overthink things. Things are going well between Cora and I and we’re even discussing marriage.
That’s what we were doing with Nancy just now over dinner. But because Cora is a public figure, we
have to take things slow.”


“Thank you for your blessings.”

“You sound sarcastic.”

“What happened between you and Jay?” Bob suddenly changed the topic.

‘That’s so sudden,’ Zoe thought.

But she should have expected it, given Bob’s wacky character.

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