Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 658

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Conversely, Zoe was thankful for the director’s sudden change in instructions.

“Okay, call me up in a while.’ Wynn made a beeline for the couch in the corner of the room.

Zoe began practicing her lines with Candice.

“No.” Candice acted out the scene once through and gave up. ’Without everyone in, there’s no way I
can get into character. I keep feeling like something is missing. Let’s take a break and start again when
Wynn is awake.”

Zoe was a lot more tactful now.

She came back to the entertainment circle with a sole purpose: to not offend a single person.

She nodded in agreement for Candice to lie down for a rest.

Zoe crouched down low in another corner and began reading her script and memorizing her lines.

Each time she went through her lines, she would record herself.

It made it easier for her to decide on what the best way to deliver her lines was.

Zoe waited like this all the way till the afternoon when Wynn finally stirred awake. After they were done
with lunch delivered by the production team, the three of them finally began practicing their scene for
the very first time.

Clearly, Wynn and Candice did not practice on their own at all.

Both of them could hardly remember their own lines.

“I’m so sorry, Zoe. I didn’t expect this scene to be so hard to act out. I thought it would be a piece of
cake, but I underestimated it.” Wynn apologized.

“It’s okay. It’ll be fine as long as we practice more.”

However, the moment the clock struck half past five, her two partners made up various excuses to
leave the rehearsal room.

Zoe was once again left alone in the room.

‘All right then.1

Since she had the time, Zoe decided to continue practicing in front of the mirror. She was so focused
that she completely lost track of time.

By the time Zoe snapped back to reality, she realized that it was already ten at night.

She made a quick trip to the washroom before leaving.

Suddenly, the lights in the washroom were switched off.

In fact, all the lights in the entire building were switched off.


Zoe yelled in shock.

The darkness in an unfamiliar washroom was truly frightening.

What was more, the washroom was an essential scene in horror movies.

The more she thought about it, the more frightening it was.

Zoe hurriedly looked for her phone so that she could use her flashlight and call for help.

That was when she realized that she had left her phone in the rehearsal room.

‘Great,’ she thought. The rehearsal room was quite a distance away from the washroom.

How was she going to get there in such darkness on such unfamiliar grounds?!

Zoe was in a terrible state of mind.

She felt her heart thumping so hard, it was almost going to leap out of her chest.

She could only grope around in the darkness as she tried to find a way out of the washroom.

She kept trying to keep her spirits up by telling herself that everything was fine and that ghosts did not
exist in this world.

Ghosts were simply things that people made up to scare others, that was all


Zoe suddenly yelled out loud.

She touched something…warm.

Could it be a mouse or a cockroach…

At that moment, she felt like she was on the verge of dying.

She suddenly heard a crash, as if something had fallen on the ground…

What could be large enough to make such a loud sound?

Zoe screamed her head off.

She was so scared that she almost lost her mind!

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