Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 660

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Zoe was beginning to lose hope.

Was she going to stay the night here?!

It was probably impossible for her to try to find her phone in such darkness.

She might fall to her death before she made it to the rehearsal room.

It was eerily silent in the darkness, and neither of them spoke a word.

They could only hear the subtle sounds of each other’s breathing.

“Where’s your phone?” Jay suddenly spoke up after a long while.

Zoe almost thought that Jay had vanished into thin air.

“It’s in my bag in the rehearsal room,” Zoe replied to his question.

“Are you going to take it?”

“I don’t dare to. It’s too dark and scary.”

“You kicked my walking stick away just now.”

“Oh. It’s next to your right arm,” Zoe said.

Jay crouched down and groped around in the darkness.

Zoe heard the sound of the walking stick against the floor and figured that Jay probably found it.

She then sensed Jay standing up next to her.

Was he planning to help her take her phone?!

How kind-hearted of him.

No, he was just trying to save himself.

“Wait here for me,” Jay said.

“Are you sure you can make it there yourself with your injury?” Zoe blurted.

She did not mean it sarcastically, but she just felt like Jay was being a little conceited.

“ body is weak, but my will is strong.”

Zoe almost burst out laughing.

Who would describe themselves that way?

In that case, she decided to wait here obediently.

She was glad to be able to sit back and wait for help, rather than banging her head against walls.

With the help of his walking stick, Jay hobbled out of the washroom.

She was not sure if he bumped into anything. All she could hear was the occasional strange sound that
echoed in the night.

Zoe sat and waited for a long while.

She had no idea how long she waited.

She only knew that it was deadly quiet around.

She even suspected that Jay might have left without her.

Anyway, it would not be the first time that happened.

Just when Zoe was about to accept the fact that Jay had left without her, she heard the sound of the
walking stick against the ground in the darkness.

The sound became louder and louder.

And then, she smelled a familiar scent.

Jay was back.

“Did you get my phone?”

“I got it,” Jay said.

‘In that case, why didn’t you switch the flashlight on?!’ Zoe thought.

The password was not required to switch on the flashlight.

“Your phone’s out of battery,” Jay said.

Zoe felt her world crashing down on her.

Her phone battery usually lasted through the day, and she never had the habit of bringing around a
spare charger.

But because she recorded many videos during today’s rehearsal, she probably used up much of the

All of Jay’s effort in hobbling to the rehearsal room in the dark and bumping against many things were
in vain.

If Jay were not so good-natured, he would probably strangle her to death!

Zoe took her bag from Jay and hugged her bag close to her chest as guilt filled her heart.

She kept silent in fear of provoking Jay further, and silence ensued between them once again.

Both of them simply waited in silence.


Zoe suddenly sneezed.

Nights in North City were a lot colder compared to the daytime.

Zoe rubbed her shoulders for warmth.

“Feeling cold?” Jay asked.

“Not too bad.”

“Do you want my clothes?” Jay asked again.

Zoe really wanted to roll her eyes.

How would she dare to say that she wanted them?!

She was sure that Jay was feeling as cold as she was on such a chilly night.

How could she dare to take his clothes? She was not that inconsiderate and thoughtless.

But if Jay were to insist, she would have to accept it reluctantly.

As such, she knew that Jay was simply being polite on the outside.

He had always been phony.

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