Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 666

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“Don’t set a trap for me to fall into, I’m just hypothesizing.” Zoe would never say something that would
put her at a disadvantage right now. “But I truly feel that Ms. Zimmerman is just focused on acting skills.
It’s completely acceptable for her to point out bad acting if she sees it.”

“Zoe York, you’ve really changed!” Wynn lamented as he shook his head.

He had seen Zoe when she was an A-lister. She had been extremely proud and haughty back then.

Yet, now…

She was on the verge of having the title ‘Bootlicker of the Entertainment Circle’ bestowed upon her.

One week later, Cordy brought Richard to the capital.

Before that, she called Zoe and Quinn out for another meal.

Zoe kept yawning non-stop throughout the meal.

It was clear that she was beyond fatigued.

“Are you that tired?” Quinn said, her heart aching for her friend. “If it’s really too tough, just quit.”

“No way. This is my only chance at a comeback that finally came after so long.” Zoe rejected Quinn’s
suggestion rather anxiously. “What’s more, when I was a celebrity previously, it was the same when I
was busy with filming. It’s all the same for celebrities. It’s tough earning money in this line, n

“Pfft.” Quinn was rendered speechless.

The cheek for Zoe to say that! Being a celebrity was known to be a lucrative business.

But it was true that there were many hidden miseries and difficulties before a celebrity became famous.

“Can’t Jay Parker help you from behind?” Quinn was rather upset.

Back then, she personally witnessed how Zoe adored and pursued Jay and since then, her impression
of Jay had been terrible.

He was worse than Bob, in her opinion.

“Even if he dared to help me, I wouldn’t dare accept it. This is a competition, with live audiences and
audiences in front of the television.

I’m afraid of being caught playing foul.”

Quinn did not know what else to say.

Cordy said with a faint smile, ’That’s pretty good, having a life goal and aspirations.”

Such people would be driven to live better and without regrets, no matter the outcome.

She, on the other hand, found herself losing interest in many things in life.

Even for design, she felt more and more tired of it.

If this went on, she was worried she might suffer from depression.

The doctor even reminded her that insomnia was sometimes an early sign of depression.

Her insomnia was not regular insomnia either, which made her doctor warn her to take precaution in
prevention of depression all the more.

What could she do to prevent depression?

She had no idea.

She was not interested in any of James’ suggestions either.

“Cordy knows me best,” Zoe winked at Cordy.

“Zoe York, are you saying that I don’t know you? Are you pushing me aside after our decades-long

“Are you jealous?”

“What a joke. Do I even get jealous?” Quinn refused to admit.

“Quinn, if I were a man, I’d certainly marry you,” Zoe suddenly said very sincerely.


“Because your relationship is in a wreck and so is mine. We’d make a good pair,” Zoe joked.

“Zoe York, are you asking for a beating?”

The two of them teased each other relentlessly.

Cordy looked on at the both of them.

She did not know if she was overthinking things, but she felt like Zoe had been overly lively since her
return, as if she had really let go of the past. Or was she just forcing herself to let go of the past?

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