Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 667

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After the meal, Cordy set off for the capital.

She had never told Zoe and Quinn about her true identity. She felt that her relationship with them in the
capital was not deep and she only went back to placate them. Zoe and Quinn did not need to know
about her life in the capital.

It was cold in the capital, but this time, Cordy went prepared with thicker and warmer clothes.

Sean picked her and Richard from the airport.

After they got into the car, he said “Don’t even think about bringing Dicky to stay in a hotel. We’ve
prepared a room for the two of you which we’ve furnished and cleaned at least three times.”

“Okay.” Cordy did not think about going back on her word.

She could not retract her words once she said it even though she detested the idea deep down in her

Sean did not pay further attention to Cordy. Instead, he looked at Richard through the rear view mirror
and asked, “Dicky, have you thought of where you’d like me to bring you to play in your visit to the
capital this time?”

“There’s a new science museum that I’d like to check out,” Richard replied frankly.

“The science museum? Sure thing.” Sean was a man who was quick to action. He immediately called
his assistant to give some instructions. ’ Book three tickets for the science museum for tomorrow

“Yes, Mr. Cranston.”

Sean hung up and said to Richard, “We’ll go tomorrow morning. You just alighted from a flight, it’s
better to stay home and get some rest.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded obediently.

Richard was taught well by John. No matter where he went and which family he visited, he was well-
liked by all.

The three of them drove into the courtyard of Cranston House, then got out of the car and into the hall.

Each time Cordy visited, the entire family would be waiting for her.

If she were honest, she would admit that she did not like such a scene.

But her grandfather liked doing so, probably to highlight her place in the family.

Or rather, he was trying to welcome her mother, not her.

She had no reason to reject his gesture.

As usual, she greeted everyone in the room.

Cordy brought Richard to the rooms that her grandfather prepared for them.

Now that Richard was older, he could not sleep in the same room as her. However, the two of their
rooms were connected.

“Dicky,” Cordy asked after unpacking his luggage, “Do you like it here?”

Richard shook his head in honesty.

“We’ll go back in a week.”

“It’s fine, Mommy,” Richard said thoughtfully, “Although I don’t like it here, I know this is your family.
That makes them my family and I will do my best to adjust to them and not find it difficult.”

Richard was truly a sensible kid.

“What’s more, you often accompany me to see Grandaunt. I know you don’t like her much.”

Cordy chuckled.

She had never told Richard that she did not like Nancy, but Richard was as intelligent as his father.

“Play in your room for a while. I’m going back to my room to unpack.”

“Okay.” Richard nodded.

Cordy returned to her own room and started unpacking her things from her suitcase.

She suddenly thought of something as she was hanging her clothes.

Oh no.

She had forgotten to bring that pillow.

That pillow helped her to sleep.

Without it, it would be difficult for her to fall asleep.

What was worse was that she had also forgotten to bring her sleeping pills.

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