Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 668

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She clearly remembered it when she left her house, but it slipped her mind with so many other things
she had to remember.

Cordy sighed.

‘Forget it,’ she thought. Til head out later to buy some sleeping pills.’

Cordy did not feel too troubled by it.

After tidying her room, one of the servants came to tell them to head downstairs for some food.

Everyone in the family was seated together.

Yet, it was eerily quiet at the table.

“Dicky, what do you like to eat? I’ll get the servants to prepare your favorite food for you,” Jesse asked

He really liked Richard from the bottom of his heart.

Whenever Richard came to visit, he would try to engage in small talk with him.

Richard had a good relationship with Alan and was adept at talking to older folks.

“Thank you. Great-grandfather. I like eating everything on the table. I share similar tastes with my
mommy,” Richard replied to him immediately.

“She has similar tastes to your grandmother,” Jesse said with slight sorrow in his voice.

Everyone knew that he missed Gordy’s mom.

Back then when she left the house, she had left for good…

“Great-grandfather, eat more,” Richard was quick-witted to realize that something was wrong with the
air at the table, and he took the initiative to spoon some food into Jesse’s plate.

Jesse smiled, touched by Richard’s gesture, “Thank you, Dicky. You should eat more too, you’re a
growing child.”

“I will.”

Very soon, the tension in the air relaxed, thanks to Richard.

Everyone else at the table would occasionally sneak a peek at Richard. They were impressed with his
maturity in face of difficult situations even at such a young age. Feelings of surprise, admiration and
even jealousy mingled in their hearts.

In the Cranston family, children of the same generation as Richard ranged from as young as three
years old to older than Richard by one year. Sean was the eldest grandson but married the latest, and
his child was just born a month ago. He was considered a late-bloomer in his family.

By right, as the eldest grandson in a big family like the Cranstons, Sean should have married and have
kids the moment he was of legal age. Instead, he dragged things out until he was close to forty years of

Cordy did not ask why.

She did not want to know much about the Cranstons. What she had with them right now was the best
distance with relatives, she felt.

After dinner, Cordy brought Richard to the night market for a stroll.

Richard seldom came to the capital. Although he was only ten years old, he already had a lot of
homework to do.

It was not that Cordy forced him to do it, but Richard himself wanted to do so.

She doubted that Richard was able to take in so much, so she specially went to check in with teachers
who taught Richard his favorite subjects. To her surprise, their answers were all consistent: Richard
was a fast learner and was talented.

All right, then.

She should not have doubted the learning abilities of a talent, but she would rather bring Richard out
for some fun.

Richard did not really enjoy sports.

She did not know when it began, but Richard, who clearly had great talent in sports, suddenly stopped
all his sports classes and said that he wanted to focus on his studies.

Cordy found herself unable to reject Richard’s request.

As long as he was happy, she would be willing to agree to anything.

Sometimes, she felt that one’s happiness was the most important thing in life.

Everything else was fleeting.

Cordy and Richard walked through the night market with Sean tagging along throughout the trip.

Richard was mesmerized by many little trinkets he found in the night market and had much fun looking

“I want some milk tea,” Cordy said as they stopped in front of a milk tea shop.

Cordy saw a girl holding onto a cup of milk tea.

She was wearing a furry jacket and looked sweet and adorable.

Her eyes were filled with satisfaction as she sipped on the cup of milk tea in her hands. It made Cordy,
who usually loved black coffee and has no interest in milk tea whatsoever, suddenly find that cup of
milk tea in her hands fragrant.

It made Cordy want to try it too.

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