Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 669

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Sean was taken aback too.

Why would Cordy like something that only little girls fancied?

But he did not reject their requests. He asked Richard, “Do you want one too?’

“I can give it a try.” Richard nodded.

Richard did not like snacks. To be accurate, he didn’t like eating food from outside. But if Mommy liked
it, he was willing to give it a go.


Sean walked into the milk tea shop.

Just then, a man walked out.

Sean was stunned for a moment.

Lucas was shocked too.

The moment both men brushed past each other, Lucas saw Cordy and Richard standing along the

Cordy and Richard spotted him too.

Richard had thought he would never see Lucas again. The sudden meeting made him lose control of
his emotions as he yelled out, “Daddy!”

Lucas’ brows furrowed.

He had told Richard before that he was not his daddy.

But before Lucas could speak, that girl sipping on milk tea walked toward Lucas in all smiles, wrapping
her arms naturally around Lucas’ arm. Her eyes were like crescent moons when she smiled, making
her look gentle, adorable, and innocent.

Cordy’s heart leaped.

The girl asked, “Got it?”

Lucas looked back at the girl and said, “I did, but no more after this.”

With that, he handed a sweet ice cream to the girl.

“It’s easy to catch a cold eating ice cream during winter, and your health is weak to begin with.”

“Yes, yes…’ The girl said coquettishly as went on through pursed lips, “ People who have no idea might
think that you’re my dad.”

Lucas smiled fondly.

Cordy and Richard looked on as both of them behaved intimately with each other, and Cordy remained
calm and composed.

Lucas had mentioned many times that he had a girlfriend.

Richard, on the other hand, was staring wide-eyed at them.

His daddy had really moved on and fallen in love with another woman.

Was this why Mommy was unable to believe that Lucas was Daddy?!

Richard’s heart ached, and he reached out and held Mommy’s hand.

Now that Richard was older, he felt embarrassed at times when Mommy held his hand in public,
although it was not that he didn’t like having Cordy near him.

Cordy did not make things difficult for Richard too.

Now that Richard took the initiative to hold her hand, Cordy knew that Richard had probably
misunderstood the situation.

She was all right, really.

Previously, she thought that she might behave aggressively the next time she saw Lucas. After all, they
had parted on a bad note previously.

But right now, she felt absolutely calm seeing him and his girlfriend together.

Lucas behaved so gentlemanly and chivalrously in front of his girlfriend.

It was completely different from how he treated her, and it made her unable to find any reason to flare
up at him.

Some sort of chemistry had formed between them.

Lucas did not greet Cordy and Richard.

Richard remained silent after yelling out “Daddy” just now.

Cordy was silent throughout.

She silently looked on as Lucas wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist and left right in front of them.

When they left, something suddenly came to the girl’s mind. “Oh yes, to whom did that little boy call

Lucas ignored her question.

The girl did not take it to heart and simply mumbled, “The little boy looks so handsome, he’ll surely be a
hunk when he grows up. Come to think of it, he kind of looks like you. Do all good-looking men
somehow resemble each other?”

Lucas chuckled and said in all seriousness to her, “Of course, not. I’m better looking than he is.”

“What a braggart you are.”

“I’m speaking the truth…”

The two of them walked farther and farther as their voices faded out in the night.

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