Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 670

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hapter 670

Richard kept his eyes fixed on Mommy and the calm look on her face, wondering if she was putting on
a front.

“Mommy, are you angry?’ Richard asked cautiously.

“I am.” Cordy nodded.

“Daddy might have lost his memory…’

“Dicky, he’s not your daddy. Don’t call him that next time. It’s not good if other people misunderstand
things,’ Cordy reminded him.

This time, the girl did not realize that Richard was calling Lucas.

If she did, it would be hard for Cordy to explain things.

“Oh, okay.’ Richard nodded.

“As for why I’m angry, it’s not because Lucas has a girlfriend. I already knew that. I am angry because
how exactly is he better looking than you are?” Cordy became angrier the more she thought about it.

Her son was clearly the most handsome person in this whole world.

All right, she admitted that she was biased as his mother. But she could not accept Lucas saying that
he was more handsome than her son.

“Er…l think that Daddy, no, I mean Lucas does look better than I do.” Richard’s face blushed.

“How could you think so lowly of yourself?! How is he better looking than you are? He does look
decent, but objectively speaking, he’s not as good looking as your daddy.”

‘But he is my daddy!’ Richard thought.


‘Daddy might have changed in how he looked.’


He did agree that his original Daddy was more handsome.

Just then, Sean walked out of the shop with three cups of milk tea in his hands.

He was originally not interested in milk tea as well, but because Cordy wanted some, he bought a cup
for himself too.

Each of them had a cup to themselves.

Cordy drank a mouthful of the tea.

It did not taste as good as she thought it would be.

“This doesn’t taste good at all!” Sean said exaggeratedly. “It’s too sweet.”

Cordy chuckled. She agreed wholeheartedly with him.

Indeed, enjoying milk tea probably had something to do with her mood.

“I find it not bad,” Richard said.

Children naturally enjoyed sweet stuff more.

Sean glanced at his cup of milk tea in disdain after taking one sip and refused to take another sip of it.

“Oh yes, did you see that model just now?” Sean asked Cordy.

“I did.” Cordy nodded.

“I didn’t expect to see him in the capital.”

“Perhaps his girlfriend is in the capital,’ Cordy replied to him.

Sean looked at her, and Cordy did not say anything further.

The three of them walked around the night market a little while longer before returning to Cranston

The next morning, they visited the science museum.

Richard had been interested in space since he was young. He took in everything in the space section
and was completely mesmerized.

Meanwhile, Cordy found it boring.

Sean would occasionally chat with Richard.

“Aww, I don’t like these. It’s not fun at all,’ a coquettish voice sounded from nearby.

Cordy looked up and saw that girl with the milk tea from last night.

Next to her was, of course, Lucas.

Lucas saw Cordy, and his brows furrowed.

Cordy was rendered speechless.

Why did they have to bump into each other so many times?

It was like this previously, too.

She wondered if the capital was doomed to be a place of nightmares for them.

Why did they bump into each other so many times in such a big city?

“Isn’t that the beautiful lady from last night?’ The girl recognized Cordy immediately and asked
enthusiastically, “Hello! Where is your handsome son?”

Cordy wondered if she could pretend not to know the girl.

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