Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 673

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Unable to stand the eyesore of a sight, Cordy strode out of the planetarium to wait.

It was a huge science center, and each section had many stalls for snacks and merchandise.

Cordy soon grew bored from waiting, and headed outside a stall to pick a cone ice-cream.

But while she waited, she was left breathing a deep sigh as she realized there was no shaking off
certain people.

“I want some ice-cream.”

“No, you just had it last night. Your stomach would suffer if you had more,” Lucas said sternly.

”1 hate you!”

“Be nice, and I’ll take you to the amusement park later.”

Lucas was coaxing his girlfriend as if she was a child. One must admit that Lucas treated his girlfriend
well, even if he was harsh towards everyone else.

It was clear how protective Lucas was of her, too.

Just as Cordy was about to leave with her ice-cream, the girl stopped her again. “Excuse me, pretty

Cordy wanted to tell her that they had only met by chance, which made them strangers; and strangers
didn’t have to go out of their way to greet the other.

Just keeping quiet and walking past each other was just fine.

“What a coincidence.” Cordy forced a smile.

“See? She’s having ice-cream too,” the girl complained unhappily.

“She’s her. You’re you.”

“We’re both women!” The girl pouted.

“Be good,” Lucas said sternly.

“Fine…” the girl nodded reluctantly.

“Come. I’ll take you to the amusement park.”

“See you, pretty lady.” the girl waved Cordy goodbye.

Cordy smiled, then looked at her ice-cream. Suddenly, it didn’t look as tasty as it did a moment ago.

Cordy waited outside for a long time before Dicky finally came out reluctantly with Sean.

“We can come again tomorrow if you like it here,” Sean said to Dicky.

“Okay!” He agreed to it immediately. Cordy looked at him, wondering if she had raised an astronaut.

Later, they returned to Cranston Hall.

Not everyone in the extended family stayed there. It was usually just Sean’s family with Jesse; others
had their own mansions.

However, they often visited, so things were relatively livelier here.

“Dicky, did you have fun today?” Jesse asked Dicky kindly.

Dicky’s eyes widened in surprise. While the adult Cranstons didn’t consider Cordy or Dicky a threat and
weren’t hostile, the children might think that Jesse was playing favorites. It was why they were more or
less jealous and hostile to Dicky.

“Yes,” Dicky quickly replied. “Uncle Sean said he’d bring me again tomorrow.”

“Good, good! You can ask your uncle to bring you anywhere you want. You should stay a few more
days in the capital too,” Jesse said happily.

Dicky, however, knew his mommy didn’t like it here. Thus, he couldn’t help turning towards her.

Cordy quickly leapt to his defense. “Dicky still has classes to attend in a few days.” i

“Just call it off. What’s the problem?” Jesse said nonchalantly.

“No, the teachers will have a word about that.”

“Who is it? How dare they criticize Dicky? They don’t want to keep their jobs, do they?” Jesse was

Startled, Dicky quickly explained, “They’re just worried for my sake, Great grandfather.”

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