Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 674

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Cordy walked over to Jesse’s side and sat down, and said affectionately,” He can be a little studious, so
it’d be difficult if you kept him away from school.”

Next to her, Dicky nodded repeatedly.

That was when Linus, Jesse’s grandson, sighed feebly beside them. “So Dicky’s the neighbor’s kid…as
one would put it.”

Linus was just a year younger than Sean, but his child Silas was already eleven and the eldest
amongst his generation.

He had been sitting primly with everyone in the living room, appearing very refined and disciplined.

Of course, he could be doing that only to present himself as a prim and proper child.

“Silas is amazing too. I heard he won first place at the national arithmetic competition,” Cordy
strategically praised in turn, eager to not make enemies for Dicky.

The air in the room became amicable-Silas was still a child despite being so mature, and he naturally
smiled at the flattery.

– i

It was the fourth day Cordy and Dicky were spending at Cranston Hall, and Dicky still insisted on
visiting the science center.

Having been visiting it for days, Cordy felt like Sean was about to get a stroke.

Fortunately for him, Jesse mentioned earlier that relatives were visiting in the afternoon, and asked the
whole family to gather. Sean therefore had an excuse to not go, though he promised Dicky to go again

Cordy had heard about them beforehand-they were the Lynds, another important family in the capital.
Jean Cranston, the Lynd matriarch, was the eldest of the family following her husband’s passing. She
was also Jesse’s younger sister.

Thus, it was only natural that her eldest son Kenneth Lynd was the heir to the family estate.

While the Lynds weren’t particularly close with the Cranstons, they would always bring everyone to
gather a couple times with each other.

One reason was to actually bridge relations, while the other was to show everyone else that they were
quite close, in turn strengthening their respective positions, i

Jean and her family arrived at Cranston Hall at three, in a convoy of luxury cars. Fortunately, Cranston
Hall was big enough to not get congested.

This was the first time Cordy met the Lynds—none of them ever came on previous occasions they
were here.

Still, she just had to blend in the crowd since she was not the main character of the day. They would be
leaving after dinner as well. For the time being, she just had to handle them.

Yet, that was when Cordy saw Lucas and his girlfriend.

To be precise, it was Lucas’s girlfriend who spotted Cordy first. She called out to Cordy in delight. ‘Hey,
pretty lady!”

“Do you two know each other?” Jean smiled at her granddaughter.

“We met a few times. She’s so beautiful it’s hard to forget her,” the girl said earnestly.

“You’re no slouch yourself,” Cordy smiled.

“Is that Nana? My goodness, you’ve grown! When did you return to the country?” Jesse asked mildly.
“Do you feel better now?”

“Yes, Mr. Cranston. I’ve just been back a few days, and I couldn’t wait to join Granny to visit you,” Nana
replied sweetly, clearly more than adept at handling old folks.

“Oh, of course. Do come by more often.” Jean smiled in return.

“And you must be Sean,” Nana exclaimed excitedly, turning towards Sean just as enthusiastically. “I
thought you looked familiar when I saw you with the pretty lady over there… I’m surprised you’re
actually Sean!’

“You’re Nana?” Sean exclaimed in surprise. “You were just five when I last saw you. You’ve really

“Well, I’m 25 now.” Nana grinned.

“25? You look just 18.”

“Yeah, I look so young people kept mistaking me for being underaged,” Nana grumbled. “I had to show
my ID card when I joined some friends at the club.”

Everyone laughed at her words.

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