Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 677

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Nonetheless, Lucas composed himself and said, “It’s nothing.”

Nana didn’t ask any further. They continued their stroll in the back garden, flirting with each other as
much as they could.

Dicky was standing on the balcony of Cordy’s room, watching with a tilted head as his daddy dated
another woman.

He turned to look at his mommy.

“What is it?” Cordy asked, sensing his gaze.


“Don’t dwell on it. I don’t care at all since he’s not your daddy,” Cordy said, reading her son’s mind.

“What if he was? Would you try to get him back?” Lucas blurted.

Cordy’s heart could stop right then.

What if he was…

Still, she said bluntly, “No, he’s not.”

There was no chance, so there was no need to waste any time thinking about it.

Dicky bit his little lips, suddenly feeling an impulse to perform another parental test.

Even if his mother was right-that they could live well without his daddy, he must find out the truth.

That was his principle as a person. Thus, he made up his mind.

During dinner, Dicky sat beside Lucas.

No one stopped him, even joking that it was fate.

Cordy naturally sat with Dicky, with Dicky between her and Lucas.

“Don’t you don’t like the food?’ she asked Dicky, seeing that he didn’t seem to be paying attention to his

She knew she couldn’t do anything about Dicky’s obsession towards Lucas.

It was fine in North City since they were apart, but Dicky couldn’t control himself once they met.

No matter how she tried to talk Dicky out of it, Dicky would always try to approach Lucas.

“No,” Dicky said, and quickly resumed eating again.

Just then, Lucas put a piece of beef on Dicky’s plate. “You need to eat more while you grow up. The
girls wouldn’t like you if you’re tiny.”

Dicky felt a little wounded, since he wasn’t short at all. Rather, he was amongst the tallest children in
his class and just a head shorter than Lucas himself.

“I’m kidding. Just eat more.” Lucas smiled at Dicky when he saw the latter’s reaction, even patting
Dicky’s little head.

“Don’t touch me,” Dicky suddenly said very sternly. “Don’t pat my head.”

Lucas frowned-Dicky was never distant before, and was even very friendly.

Tonight was no exception, as the boy sat beside him eagerly.

“Mommy said that a man’s head and a woman’s waist are never to be touched,’ Dicky said solemnly
and righteously.

Beside him, Cordy pursed her lips. She actually didn’t mind Dicky getting friendly with Lucas since it
was their business, but that didn’t mean she was willing to be dragged into it either.

“Alright, I won’t touch you,” Lucas said, nonchalant for once. “You’re a little man now.”

“Promises don’t count… Unless I get to touch you back,” Dicky suddenly requested.

Cordy frowned; Dicky had never been this radical before, and Lucas clearly apologized too. 1

“Dicky,” she began sternly-she wasn’t siding with Lucas, but she didn’t want her son to be so vengeful.

“It’s fine. You can do it.” Lucas reacted mildly, even arching his back and lowering his head so that
Dicky could reach him easily, adding, “I shouldn’t touch you without your permission.”

Dicky stared fixedly at Lucas’s head, aiming for a hair that he could pull out as soon as he reached
Lucas’s head.

It had to be done in one swift stroke, since this was a rare chance.

Dicky was nervous, something Lucas found amusing. “That’s fine.’

Dicky inhaled sharply and reached out right then-as soon as he reached Lucas’s hair, he singled out a
strand and pulled.

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