Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 679

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Cordy went upstairs again after getting another slice of cake. Just as she reached the second floor,
however, a ruckus took place downstairs.

Cordy hurried downstairs, presuming that the Lynds were leaving and that she should see them off as
well as a gesture of respect. At least, until she heard, “Help! Somebody! Nana’s in trouble!’

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-what happened to Nana?

In that instant, she quickly strode downstairs. Just as she did so, Lucas entered from the living room,
shoving his way through the crowd and cradling Nana’s breathless frame in her arms.

Her cheeks were flushed and her breathing rushed-she looked like she could catch something terrible
and die at an instant!

Cordy wondered if there really was something wrong with Nana’s health, since even Jesse had been
especially concerned about it; as was Lucas.

She appeared very concerned, completely oblivious that she had something to do with Nana’s sudden

Lucas cried, “Get an ambulance right now!”

“I already did—a chopper will arrive soon,” Nana’s brother said anxiously. “I thought she recovered…
How did this happen? What’s going on?!”

Lucas did a simple checkup on Nana’s body, his face dropping when he saw the red spots that had
suddenly appeared on her neck.

“Did someone feed her mangoes?!” he asked furiously.

Everyone was left trading glances. Sean said quickly, “No, she didn’t. We didn’t buy any mangoes
today, either-we told the kitchen specifically because we know about Nana’s allergy.’

“There was that mango cake, wasn’t there?” one of the Lynds suddenly said.

Sean didn’t defend himself. Instead, he quickly called in the butler, who said confidently, “There was a
mango cake, but it was the children who specifically asked for it. However, you can be assured none of
the servants brought it to Miss Lynd. I give you my word that nothing she ate contained mango. I was
the only one who gave out the only slice of mango cake.”

The butler was staunch about his statement. Plus, after his long years of service, Sean wasn’t about to
mistrust him.

But with the Lynds with them, he didn’t want to leave anything to chance.” Check the cameras.”

If it was the fault of someone from his family, they would punish the person accordingly.

If not, they would clear their name of any wrongdoing.

That was when Cordy announced, “I gave it to her.’

She was the one who took the mango cake at the time, and the butler was the one who personally
gave it to her.

Knowing that she was giving it to Dicky, the butler had eagerly picked the slice for her.

However, she ran into Nana, who took it off her hands.

Cordy suddenly realized why Nana appeared so blissful and content as she tasted the cake.

But if Nana knew that she was allergic, why would she eat it, and so much at that?!

The cake had a very rich texture-she definitely would’ve tasted the mango!

Everyone turned towards Cordy after what she said, with Lucas screaming furiously, ‘Why would you
give it to her? Don’t you know that she’s allergic to it?!’

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