Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 683

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“I’m coming with you,” Sean said, asserting his stance.

Though he wanted Cordy to go, he would never allow her to suffer any grief.

Still, Cordy told him, “It’s okay. You’ve been on your feet the whole night. You should get some proper
rest for the day.’

“No, I’m perfectly fine. Let’s go.”

Cordy hesitated for a moment, but ultimately didn’t turn him down.

Sean only wanted to resolve the matter as soon as he could. As the eldest of his generation, he was
obliged to help his father and grandfather in handling various family issues, and he certainly took that
responsibility seriously. Moreover, he wanted Cordy to understand that he would always be at her side,
protecting her no matter what.

However, Cordy was unsure why he was so nice to her.

Sure, she was as rich as she was famous. However, she couldn’t see what Sean would get out of
helping her so much.

Well, perhaps she could just pretend it was due to their familial bond.

“I’ll tell Dicky,” she said, since she was worried the boy might feel insecure in an unfamiliar environment
without her. She should at least tell him where she went and when she would make it back, to give him
a sense of security.

“Okay,” Sean replied.

For some reason, Dicky nodded quickly after Cordy told him she was heading to the hospital. Most
importantly, he wasn’t asking to go along either.

Cordy didn’t dwell on it, since all she wanted was to follow Sean to the hospital and return sooner.

Nana had been admitted to the WIP wards of the best hospital in the capital, which were actually
separate mansions.

Nana’s personal care worker informed Sean and Cordy that she had just fallen asleep when they
arrived, and that the rest took priority since she was recovering. Sleeping would especially be helpful
since she was weak, considering her frail body.

Sean was scowling, however-in the first place, Nana was the one who asked to see Cordy. He made it
clear that he would head home immediately to ask Cordy about it, and that he would bring her over
right away if she agreed to it.

He even texted Nana before he left Cranston Hall… Yet, she slept anyway?

“It’s fine. Let’s just wait. The patient’s health takes priority,” Cordy assured Sean, who nodded despite
his annoyance.

With that, they wanted the entire morning waiting, with Sean falling asleep while he did.

He went the entire night without sleep, and his grogginess was especially worse with the room being so

Cordy noticed, and had a care worker bring a blanket that she placed gently over Sean.

Once that was done, she turned to find Lucas standing there.

The care worker told them that he was asleep beside Nana… So, he was already up? 1

“You’re here,” he said.

“Is Nana awake?”

“Not yet-“


Nana could be heard from in her room, while Lucas pursed his lips and stopped himself.

“You should go in. Ask her if I can see her now, and I’d go in if she says yes.”

Cordy spoke calmly, as if she lacked any emotion.

She didn’t appear upset, nor did she care at all that Lucas had thrown a fit at her.

For Cordy, doing so was pointless.

Lucas stared at her quietly for a moment, before saying in a small voice,” Yeah.”

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