Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 684

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As Lucas entered the room, Sean stirred-he was the type who got woken up easily.

Staring at the blanket over himself for a moment and then at Cordy, he asked, “How long have I been

“Less than ten minutes,” Cordy said feebly. As a chronic insomniac, she had a profound empathy for
being woken up abruptly.

Sean stretched his arms, and didn’t appear to be upset from being woken up abruptly. “I wasn’t tired,
but fell asleep for some reason. You brought me this blanket?”

“It’s nothing.”

“I know.’ Sean smiled faintly. Was she really so concerned to let on that she was actually that nice?

She definitely got that from her mother, his aunt.

“Come in,” Lucas said, suddenly emerging from Nana’s room. ‘ Nana’s asking to see you.”

“She’s finally awake,” Sean said, though his tone was a little grumpy.

“Yeah,” Cordy said, and nothing else as they followed Lucas inside.

Nana’s face was still pale and she looked enfeebled, but she smiled when she saw them come in.
Seeing her like that, anyone would be afraid to speak too loudly in fear of affecting her, let alone throw
a fit.

“I’m sorry I asked you to come all the way here to see me,” she spoke before they could. “I’ve actually
been waiting, but I think I dozed off because of my meds. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It’s fine. I had nothing to do anyway,” Cordy said flatly.

“I’ve asked you to come to properly apologize, and explain to Lucas so that he won’t misunderstand,”
Nana said, seemingly blaming herself severely for the whole mess. “I asked Cordy to give me the cake
yesterday. She didn’t know I can’t eat mangoes, while I insisted on eating despite knowing that,

Nana appeared a little afraid to admit the truth as she peeked at Lucas, but he was staring at her in
turn, as if wanting her to come clean right there and then.

Taking a deep breath, she mustered her courage and confessed, “…It was just so delicious.”

“So you don’t care if it kills you?!” Lucas growled grumpily.

“Let me finish,” Nana purred adorably. No one could resist that soft charm.

It wasn’t surprising that Lucas was absolutely stern, yet obedient. Some people were naturally born to
melt hearts.

“I’ve been sick for a while, haven’t I? The doctors have been telling me I was recovering well, so I
thought I could try some mango and see if my heart reacts against it. If I’m okay, I’d be able to eat the
fruit I liked for so long, even if it meant getting rashes. Nothing’s better than good food, /know? I didn’t
think it’d be that bad.”

Nana hung her head miserably. Cordy thought she could see Lucas stopped himself from saying

Still, Nana was suddenly brimming with confidence as she declared,” That’s why I’ll take responsibility
for everything that happened yesterday. It has nothing to do with Cordy. There was a

misunderstanding, but I couldn’t breathe, let alone talk. Even so, I heard you yelling at her, Lucas. You
must apologize to her.”

Lucas pursed his lips, but stayed silent even as he turned towards Cordy.

Cordy felt his gaze, and turned towards him in turn.

Men as proud as Lucas never gave in, especially towards people they find trivial.

Cordy smiled. “It’s fine. He yelled at me because he’s worried about you. I understand.”

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