Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 685

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Lucas pursed his lips, but said nothing.

“Yes, he’s too worried about me. Otherwise, he’d never yell at people without knowing what happened.
He usually doesn’t behave like that,” Nana defended Lucas.

It appeared as if she wanted them to settle their differences, but in reality, anyone could tell that she
was bragging about her close relationship with Lucas.

However, she conveyed herself so naturally there would never be wounded feelings.

“That’s how people behave when it comes to people they care about,” Cordy said, agreeing to it.

She was convinced it was fine as long as they cleared the air, and that she didn’t need any apologies. It
was unnecessary, and was no big deal in the first place.

“Don’t worry, Cordy. I’ll head home soon and talk to my family to clear the misunderstanding,’ Nana

“Thank you,’ Cordy replied, not rejecting the offer since it was naturally better to clear her name.
Otherwise, things would be difficult for her grandfather Jesse.

“Of course. But… Could you please not think badly of me and Lucas?’ Nana asked tentatively. ”1 really
like you. I mean, you and Dicky are the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I’d really like to have a
child as handsome as Dicky one day…”

“You definitely can,” Cordy replied, encouraging her out of courtesy. “Lucas is handsome, and you’re
beautiful too. Your children will be no slouch.”

“But… The doctors told me that my body probably can’t handle a pregnancy. ” Nana’s gaze darkened.

Cordy was lost for words.

In fact, what could she say?

“I don’t like children,” Lucas spoke up just then, offering Nana some solace as a boyfriend with perfect

“But I saw how much you liked Dicky,” Nana murmured, her gaze miserable as she knew she couldn’t
get pregnant.

“You like Dicky too, don’t you?” Lucas said shrewdly. ‘And since you like beautiful people, don’t you like

“Then… Do you like Cordy too?”

“I just meant that you’re pretty too, silly,” Lucas said dotingly.

It was obviously cheesy and flirty, but it was simply sweet as those two said it.

Cordy turned towards Sean, who caught her cue and said, “Since we’ve cleared the air and Nana’s
now stable, it’s time we go. Get some rest, Nana. Medical technology is advanced, and that means you
might have hope in the future. Plenty of opportunities lay ahead since you’re still young, n

“Yeah.” Nana nodded firmly. “I’ll see you two around. I’ll bring Lucas over to apologize when I’m better.”

“You really don’t have to,” Cordy insisted. “Your recovery is far more important.”

“Okay.” Nana smiled and nodded.

“Well, get some rest. We’ll be going now.”

“I’ll see you out,” Lucas suddenly said.

Nana’s smile seemed to stiffen for a split second, but she quickly said,” Yes, Lucas. You should go with

Neither Sean nor Cordy refused him.

They headed out of the mansion.

Sean’s car was waiting. Just as he opened the door for Cordy and they were both ready to get in,
however, Lucas suddenly stopped Cordy.


“What is it?”

“About last night-“

“It’s nothing.” Cordy refused to let him finish. “Anyone would react like that given the situation. I can
understand, because I won’t be able to control myself if my beloved person was in danger too.”

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