Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 687

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It was really late when Dicky finally returned to Cranston Hall. Cordy would’ve started to worry that he
might be abducted if they weren’t keeping in touch on the phone.

“Where have you been for so long?” she asked, but there was no edge in her voice.

She would never scold him, though she was curious. Her son always showed propriety, and he would
expect her to worry if he left for too long.

However, he still stayed out for a long time.

“Yeah…” Dicky was staring at Cordy, but didn’t answer her question.

“Well, as long as you’re back. Don’t be late next time, or your mother might really call the cops,” Jesse

“Yes, Great-grandfather.” Dicky nodded.

“You must be hungry, right? Come, let’s eat,” Jesse said as he took Dicky warmly by the hand and led
the latter to the dining table.

Dicky turned to glance at Cordy. He looked as if he had something to say, but was hesitant to do it.

As such, he remained distracted as he sat with everyone else at the dining table.

Cordy naturally noticed that her son was behaving strangely, and asked softly, “Are you feeling sick?”

Dicky shook his head.

“Had too much fun?”

“Maybe.” Dicky nodded.

“Then get cleaned up and go to bed after you eat. Don’t bother with your homework.”


After dinner, Cordy didn’t visit Dicky in his room since he was tired, and instead checked what was on
the television.

It was only then that she found that the first season of ‘Actors on Set’ was premiering.

Zoe had so few scenes it was less than a fifth of Cora’s, even though Cora was the guest.

Showbiz was harsh, no? Though that might apply to society as a whole too

Just then, Cordy’s phone chimed with a Whatsapp notification.

Quinn had just sent Cordy a photo of ‘Actors on Set’ to the chat group between her, Zoe and Cordy,
with the caption: [You have too few scenes, Zoe. It’s so hard to get a shot of you. I’d miss you
completely if my hands were unsteady. @Zoe]

Zoe replied self-deprecatingly: [It’s normal, no? That’s how actresses past their prime are treated.]

[Show some spine, Zoe.]

[That’s why I’m working very hard.]

Quinn asked: [Do you need our help?]

Cordy added beneath Quinn: [+1]

[No, or I would’ve come to you girls already. I call it honing my art—don’t spoil my style now.]

[At a vulgar industry like showbiz? What art are you talking about?]

[You girls won’t get it.]

Zoe threw an emoji at them before adding: [Don’t worry. I’ve succeeded before, and I’ll do it again even
without the Levines.]

Quinn couldn’t argue. [You’re really stubborn.]

[It’s called character.]

[Haha! No.]

With that, both women started flaming each other over the chat group. Cordy smiled as she watched
them go for each others’ necks.

Quinn was usually rational and serious, but that tended to go out of the window when Zoe was

But that was just how it was-with the right people, you would show the truest side of yourself.

And for Cordy, had she not met Zoe and by extension Quinn, she wouldn’t have been able to
experience the beauty of friendship.

Still, Quinn suddenly asked: [Cordy, when are you coming back? @Cordy]

[Soon. Three to five days, give or take.]

[Business at the capital?]

Quinn was surprised that Cordy would actually leave on a business trip for so long.

[Not quite. It’s a pleasure trip with Dicky while he’s on school break. He loves the science center here.]

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