Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 690

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Cordy could immediately tell that the bracelet was worth a fortune, even priceless.

There was no way she could say it out loud, though.

“This has nothing to do with Nana,” Jean told Cordy. “It’s just a present to celebrate our first meeting
since your return to the family. Don’t be shy. I’ll get upset if you keep refusing me.”

“That’s right, Cordy. You should just take it-don’t get so cagey?” Nana said beside them. “Grandma
spent a long time picking it from her private collection. Both Lucas and I think it really suits you. Try it!”

“Cordy, you should accept it since it’s a gift,” Jesse added.

Even if Cordy really didn’t want to owe anyone anything, she had no choice but to accept the diamond
bracelet. “Thank you, Mrs. Lynd.”

“We’re family, don’t be so formal. Come, I’ll help you put it on.”

“Okay.” 1

With the bracelet on her wrist, the emerald glint on her slender wrist made her look much prettier.

“See? I was just saying it suits you. It’s simply gorgeous!” Nana flattered Cordy earnestly. She then
nudged Lucas affectionately, saying, ‘ Don’t you agree, Lucas?”

“Yeah.” Lucas nodded slightly.

“It looks really good on you,” Jean echoed. “I’m surprised green diamonds suit you so much, Cordy. I
actually have a collection. You can ask for it anytime you want.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lynd,” Cordy said. Naturally, she had no such intention.

In fact, she already made up her mind to return it as a gift, when Lucas and Nana had their first child.

That said, she wasn’t sure if Nana could get pregnant, considering the latter’s frail health.

There were fewer guests in Cranston Hall, but that also meant they wouldn’t dare to leave lightly.

They all sat on the couch and listened to their elders having small talk, occasionally responding when
there were questions posed to them, or chatting with their peers.

Nanawas constantly bugging Cordy and fiddling with her bangle. “It looks so good on your wrist,

“You can have it if you want,” Cordy said.

However, just as Cordy was about to take it off, Nana exclaimed, “I can’t- Grandma gave it to you.
She’d kill me!”

It was naturally an exaggeration. The Lynds worshiped and doted on her because of her condition, and
would never bear to hurt her.

“Also, Lucas promised to buy me a bangle too. Right, Lucas?” Nana added sweetly.

“Yeah,” Lucas said, nodding.

Cordy remained impassive as she watched them flirt.

Dicky was right beside her, and his gaze turned even more hostile towards Lucas.

Lucas noticed that Dicky had been less than friendly as well, his little eyes almost murderous. Was it
because Lucas had snapped at his mommy the other day?

Stepping away from Nana, he made his way towards Dicky and said, “Hey. Show me where the
washroom is.”

Dicky frowned harder at that-he loathed the man, but Lucas would still ask him for the washroom?

Nonetheless, he left with Lucas since he couldn’t say no.

Nana’s smile seemed to turn sinister upon watching them go, though Cordy told herself that she
must’ve have imagined it.

To be honest, Cordy wasn’t interested in what Nana was really like and had no reason to learn more
about the latter.

As long as she didn’t push Nana’s buttons, Nana would be a mere afterthought.

She would be leaving the capital the next day, anyway. If there were no surprises, she would show up
at the capital less from now on.

“Lucas really likes Dicky,” Nana suddenly told Cordy.

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