Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 692

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Lucas urged Dicky, “Now go back inside. It’s cold out here.”

“What about you?”

“I’m taking a stroll. Cabin fever.”


“Why don’t you join me?” Lucas offered.

Dicky didn’t refuse, and they started to stroll around the back garden.

“You really love Nana, don’t you?” Dicky suddenly asked.

Lucas, however, was reluctant to answer. “What does a kid know about love?”

“What don’t I know? I was six when I started helping my daddy woo mommy.”

“You’re amazing,” Lucas said.

He almost couldn’t resist patting Dicky’s head again, but lowered his hand when he remembered how
Dicky refused him last time.

For some reason, he had a real but indescribable affinity for Dicky. Maybe it was an attraction towards
the boy just because they shared the same face?

He never felt any desire to have children, and was even willing to be abstinent because of Nana’s
health issues.

However, his heart seemed to change because of Dicky. Still, Nana’s health took priority.

“Do you really love Nana?” Dicky asked stubbornly.

“I do,” Lucas replied honestly.

“How could you fall for anyone other than Mommy?” Dicky was a little agitated.

“…I understand that your mommy is successful, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the world will fall in
love with her. Precedence applies to everything.”

“But you loved Mommy first!”

“It’s always been Nana for me.”

“What if you realized the one you loved from the start was my mommy? Would you return to her?”
Dicky asked.

“Never.” Lucas didn’t hesitate in his answer.

After all, the first person he fell for was Nana; there was no denying that.

Thus, he refused to entertain any other hypothetical situations. He would never budge on that.

There was disappointment in Dicky’s eyes. Lucas assured him, “Don’t worry. Your mommy is loved by
many, and I’m sure she’d have many people courting her if she’s not obsessed about your daddy. You
can actually hope for plenty of step-daddies.”

“Is that what you hope for?” Dicky asked him in turn.


“That my mommy will get me many other daddies?”

“That’s your mommy’s business.”

“It’s not surprising my mommy hates you. You’re not worthy of her affection. N

“Well, she doesn’t love me,” Lucas replied, since he certainly understood how Cordy felt towards him

“No, she doesn’t… Not at all, and she hates the very sight of you!” Dicky was suddenly yelling. “So stay
away from her! I won’t open the door for you

even if you regret what you did now! Hmph!”

The boy was suddenly losing control of himself, though it wasn’t as if he was suddenly throwing a
tantrum. It was just a far cry from his usual bearing as a mature child. Suddenly, he looked a little like
an actual child.

Lucas watched as Dicky left, looking clearly upset. His own emotions were stirring in him too.

It was a feeling he couldn’t describe, but it had been there for a while now.

While it didn’t actually hurt, there was just this stuffy feeling on his chest.

Wait, could he be having a heart condition too?

Lucas made a mental note to get himself checked as well the next time he accompanied Nana for

It was just so freaky.

As he returned to the living room, Nana promptly took his hand and locked fingers with him. “That’s a
long bathroom break.”

“Can’t bear to separate from me at all, can you?” Lucas teased.

It was normal flirting between loves, and it wasn’t as if Cordy couldn’t stand it.

However, Dicky didn’t return with Lucas. Thus, she decided she should check on her son.

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