Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 693

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Cordy didn’t ask Lucas, since she didn’t want to ruin his flirting session with Nana.

However, just as she was rising to her feet…

“By the way, Nana…”

Jean suddenly spoke up, having turned towards them.

Cordy wanted to leave, but felt too awkward to do so since it wouldn’t be proper.

As such, she stayed in her seat and waited for the right timing, i

“What is it. Grandma?” Nana replied sweetly.

She seemed to be acting spoiled, but somehow, it felt natural when it was her.

Not many could resist that sweetness-Jean couldn’t be faulted for playing favorites.

“You’re planning on getting married to Lucas, right?” Jean asked.

“We are,” Nana admitted it openly, while smiling endearingly at Lucas.

“This year, was it?”

“Yes, sometime during autumn. It’s when the trees bear fruit—it’s an auspicious season.”

“Good. Try to set a date soon. Event halls are always in demand here in the capital.”

“Don’t worry, Grandma. We’ll go down to business once Lucas’ parents return to the country, but I’m
sure they won’t protest.”

“Good,” Jean replied.

Jesse added, “Remember to send me an early invitation, Nana. I’ll prepare a great present for you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cranston.” Nana did not refuse, and actually appeared excited.

She turned towards Cordy, and asked, “You’ll be free when the time comes, right?”

“We’d have to see,” Cordy replied.

She wasn’t being perfunctory, either.

For one, they had yet to decide on the date. Autumn was an entire three months more, and who knew
what date they would decide upon?

Secondly, it wasn’t a rarity for urgent engagements to come up for Cordy. There was always the
chance she couldn’t make it, and it would be terrible if she missed out on a promise.

“I’ll try to send you an invitation early. You have to come,” Nana said earnestly.

“Of course. I’ll try my best.”

With that, the two families started to discuss further about Nana and Lucas ‘ wedding. Cordy made her
leave as they were engrossed in it.

She headed to Dicky’s room and found her boy laying in bed, looking like something was weighing on
his mind.

He was just ten, and the look made him appear like a diminutive adult.

Children of his age should be carefree, shouldn’t they?


Dicky sat up in bed, greeting her when he saw her.

His upbringing was truly impeccable, which in turn made him especially endearing.

“You look a little upset.” She smiled at him.

“I’m not,” Dicky said, shaking his head.

“Is it because of Lucas?”

Dicky bit his little lip. He knew there was no hiding that from his mommy.

Nodding tamely, he admitted, “I just… I think he’s a bad apple.”

“Just treat him like a stranger, and you won’t think so.”

“Is that what you believe?” Dicky asked, looking up.

“More or less.”

“But he’s not a stranger…”

“He’ll eventually be one, Dicky.”

Dicky felt a little miserable to hear her words.

“Be a good boy now,” Cordy said, patting his head. “We shouldn’t let trivial people affect our lives.’

“Do you really feel nothing towards Lucas, mommy?” i

“Of course,” Cordy replied confidently. It wasn’t the first time she told him that, either.

In fact, she was clear and to the point whenever Dicky asked, refusing to offer him any delusions.

That would only make him even sadder.

Dicky then remembered something else. ‘ Right, Mommy. Lucas gave me this.”

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