Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 694

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Dicky took out the gold bullion, which left Cordy taken aback.

It wasn’t small, and obviously quite heavy.

Handing it to her, Dicky said, “Lucas gave it to me, saying he didn’t know what to give. I cant use it
anyway, so you can have it.”

Cordy was left speechless. Who on earth gives a kid gold bullions?

Fashioning it into jewelry would be more acceptable!

However, a thought occurred to Cordy when she took it.

Was this actually Lucas’s gift to her? Was he using Dicky as an intermediary to make amends for losing
his temper at her the other day?

After all, it would be more convincing if he gave Dicky something that suited Dicky’s age. An adult, on
the other hand…

Cordy decided she was too lazy to figure it out, since it was pointless anyway.

As a business person, she had no reason to refuse a huge gold bullion. In fact, she would be less
interested if it was just jewelry.

No one could refuse such a gift.

After having dinner with the Lynds and seeing them off, Cordy left Cranston Hall with Dicky early the
next morning. Sean gave them a ride to the airport.

They left, and Jesse stared at them as they headed to the distance.

He had obviously dyed his hair, but Cordy wondered if it was the trick of the light that his hair was
getting really white.

“So you’re actually sentimental,” Sean said, glancing at her through the rearview mirror.

Cordy didn’t say anything, so he continued, ‘That’s blood relations for you. You can be nonchalant
about it, but you feel it in your bones before you realize it.”

Sean rarely said something that sentimental. He actually found it cringeworthy after that he became

Soon, Cordy and Dicky arrived at their seats on the plane when a familiar voice called out behind her.

Cordy really wanted to get out of the plane right then. Some coincidences really were bizarre!

Dicky saw Nana as well. Lucas was beside her, sitting right behind their seats.

“Are you going back to North City today?” Nana asked Cordy in surprise.

“Yeah,” Cordy replied.

“We’re going on a trip there, too. North City is the heart of the nation’s economy, and I’d like to check
out how grand the place is.”

Cordy wondered if Nana had some sort of compulsive socializing tendency.

“It’s a decent place,’ she said nonetheless. “You’ve never been there?”

“I wont lie, but I’ve only been in the capital or abroad. Mostly abroad, because of my health.”

“Your health is important. You can go anywhere now that you’re better.”

“I think so too, and that’s why I’d like to have a child soon. There won’t be time for me to travel in years
after I have a baby too, right?”

“Probably,” Cordy replied.

After some simple small talk, Cordy took her seat.

Dicky was pouting in his first-class seat, clearly looking upset.

That seemed to be the case whenever he saw Lucas with Nana.

So, was he really being jealous?

It would probably take a miracle for him to stop believing that Lucas was his father, and it would take
him time to forget about Lucas.

And yet… Lucas showed up everywhere!

Cordy was actually considerably stressed as well.

Fortunately, everyone stayed at their respective corners along the flight. They shared a few polite
words as they disembarked, before going their separate ways.

Still, Cordy had just led Dicky out of the airport when she spotted Patrick from the distance, waiting

“Cordy!” he called.

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