Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 695

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It was a little awkward, especially since Cordy hated anything conspicuous.

Even so, Patrick was pulling every trick he could to declare his passion for her. He was almost stubborn
about doing the exact opposite of what she preferred.

Still, she held Dicky’s hand and walked towards Patrick.

“Welcome back,” he greeted them.

“And what are you doing in North City?” Cordy asked.

“To receive you, of course.”

“And how’d you know what flight I was on?’

“For my beloved, I’d brave hell and high water-“

Noticing Cordy’s glare, he promptly admitted, ‘I asked your assistant.”

Cordy wondered if she should start questioning Randy’s loyalties.

“Come on. I’ll give you a ride home-‘

“Cordy? Is that your boyfriend?” Nana suddenly asked.

She and Lucas weren’t far, just a few paces. She quickly approached Patrick the moment she saw him.

“And you are…?” Patrick asked, frowning at Nana.

He didn’t remember her among Cordy’s list of family and friends.

“Hello. I’m Nana Lynd, Cordy’s cousin.”

“You have cousins?” Patrick gasped in surprise.

“I obviously fell out of the sky when I was born,” Cordy snorted in annoyance.

Patrick blurted, “But I thought you disowned all your family…”

He gave in immediately when he saw another sharp look from Cordy, and apologized immediately.
“Yes, yes, I apologize for my shallow knowledge. I’ll reflect upon my sins.”

“Then… Are you Cordy’s boyfriend?” Nana pressed.

Patrick began, “It’s actually a work in progress-“

“He is,” Cordy suddenly caught him short, wrapping her hands around Patrick’s arm.

Nana appeared surprised. Lucas seemed to blink beside her, though he remained impassive otherwise.

Dicky was furrowing his little brows.

He certainly wasn’t against the idea of his mother getting a new daddy for him, but…

He couldn’t help glancing at Lucas just then, but found no reaction from the latter.

In fact, Lucas noticed his gaze, and flashed a smile at him.

Dicky’s face contorted in displeasure. How could Lucas still smile when Mommy was running away with
another man?!

However, Lucas was used to Dicky’s hostility. The kid can really hold a grudge-more than his mommy.

In fact, his mommy would only at least try to play along, but the kid wouldn’t hide his feelings at all.

Meanwhile, Nana quickly corrected herself. “Hello, cousin-in-law.”

Her voice was as sweet as ever.

“Hi back,” Patrick smiled, clearly having a good impression of Nana.

But who wouldn’t? She was docile, always smiling, passionate, tactful…

“It’s late, so we have to go now. Have fun in North City,” Cordy said, her hands still around Patrick’s
arm as she bade Nana and Lucas farewell.

“Okay. See you!’

As Cordy, Patrick and Dicky left, Dicky turned to glance at Lucas for a moment before turning around
again furiously.

There really was no saving his daddy!

– i

In the car, Patrick suddenly sighed emotionally. “If I had known, I would’ve stopped the car a little
further away so that you can cling on to me longer.”

Cordy was speechless.

She kept clinging to him before they left the airport, since she didn’t know if they would run into Lucas
and Nana again.

Give this man an inch, and he would ask for a mile.

“By the way, why did you say that I’m your boyfriend? Have you finally made up your mind to date me?
Actually, I think that’s unnecessary since we’ve come to know each other so well… Why don’t we just
register our marriage instead? Let me decide on a date, and we can—’

“Wake up,” Cordy said, cutting his fantasy shorts. “Can’t you tell that I just didn’t want to deal with those

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