Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 696

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Patrick grinned. ’I could tell. But what if it’s actually a yes, too?” “No, it isn’t,” Cordy growled.

“I mean, who knows? You actually hated me when I touched you before, but you’re touching me
willingly now, aren’t you?’

Cordy was left utterly speechless. Was she not making sense before?

“I mean, whatever your reason was, you touched me on your own accord,” Patrick added very
flirtatiously, before studying her for a moment. ’That said, you rarely gave another person so much
attention. You really hate Nana, don’t you?”


“Don’t bother trying to trick me.”

“Nana’s really your ideal type, huh? You men are all the same.”

“You’re my ideal type,’ Patrick said solemnly.

“Save the flattery,” Cordy snorted, completely skeptical.

“I mean, Nana is the type who… Actually, I can’t really describe her, but either way, she’s not my type.”

Patrick certainly didn’t know how to comment on Nana. He didn’t feel that positive about her at first
sight, but wasn’t exactly repulsed either.

Overall speaking, she just did not leave a strong impression.

“Well, you were pretty sweet on her,’ Cordy pointed out.

“Are you jealous?”

Cordy rolled her eyes at him.

“That’s because she’s your cousin. I wouldn’t bother talking to her if she were someone else,” Patrick
said as if it was only natural.

Cordy smiled. Having Patrick around was nice at times.

As a friend, that is.

“So? Why do you hate Nana so much?” Patrick pressed.

“I don’t hate her.”

“Then it must be the man, what’s his name… Lucas Lynch, was it?’

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cordy snorted, suddenly too tired.

“That doesn’t sound like a no. Don’t tell me… You fell for him because he resembles John Levine?!”
Patrick asked, suddenly a little hysterical.

Dicky, who had been staring outside the window throughout the journey, finally turned to look at them.

However, he was used to Patrick trying to woo his mommy, since the latter had been doing that for a
while now-he was just reacting to his daddy’s name.

“No!” Cordy was at a loss for words. “I’m not like that.”

“And yet, you were acting strange,” Patrick pointed out.

“Fine. I was annoyed with Nana, okay?” Cordy admitted.

Dicky was a little let down.

He turned to stare outside the window.

He was already disappointed in his daddy, but that man was still his daddy


If his mommy gave up on him, he would too.

Meanwhile, Patrick was still rambling on.”You’re just using Nana as an excuse for your feelings for

Cordy thought then that there was no way she could talk to Patrick, since they were on completely
different wavelengths, i

Patrick noticed Cordy’s mood, however, and surrendered. “So? Why do you hate her?”

“Don’t you think she resembles Noel?’ Cordy said bluntly.

Patrick actually did a double take. ’That’s why I felt that sense of familiarity … She really does, now that
you mentioned it.”

So that was why Cordy didn’t have a good impression of Nana.

Whether her meekness was pretended or genuine, once a person decided that they disliked something
before, they wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to like it, even if they tried to like it again.

“So? Why are you here in North City?” Cordy asked, changing the subject.

She certainly didn’t think that he would travel all the way here for her.

“I really came to see you. Why can’t you believe me? You know it’s been a while. I was so worried
you’d forget about me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,’ Cordy said assuredly.


“There’s a lot of money involved in our relationship. And I’m a gold-digger.” For once, Patrick was left

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