Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 699

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“Did you replicate Cora’s interpretation of the character without adjustments because it was Jay’s
production? It’s a smart way to buy Jay’s vote by playing the character to his tastes, isn’t that so?”

Hailey’s aggressive rebuke wasn’t sparing Zoe an ounce of dignity, and Zoe actually had no idea how
to defend herself.

In fact, with Hailey now prejudiced against her, anything she said would only be considered excuses.

However, she never thought of playing the character in a way that struck Jay’s fancy—not that she

If anything, she wanted the audience’s fancy.

“Your years in showbiz turns out to be a waste, Zoe,” Hailey said coldly, her spite for Zoe abundantly
clear on her face, i

Zoe was left wondering how on earth had she offended Hailey, especially when she found herself

Even the host couldn’t stand it, and tried to steer the stage in another direction away from the
awkwardness. “Do you have anything to say to Miss Zimmerman, Zoe?”

As such, Zoe spoke with an exceedingly calm-even appeasing tone, “I had no intention of buying Mr.
Parker’s vote. It’s my opinion that Cora Levine played that character perfectly, and even consider
replicating it a form of success on its own. Of course, I accept Miss Zimmerman’s critique, and I
understand she said all that for my sake. I’m sure you’ll see a different side to me next time.”

Hailey refused to accept that explanation at all. ’If you have the chance.”

Zoe smiled and nodded. “Yes, and I fully accept the appraisals of the judges and the audience. I’m
satisfied that I can rise to the stage of theater again. Even if my performance proved wanting, it
encourages me to do better.’

She was basically saying her parting words, just as she was ready to leave at any moment. She had
certainly memorized her farewell script to the letter.

“Don’t give up so soon, Zoe,” the host consoled her. “No one knows what the result will be until it’s out.
Thank you, judges.”

“Wait,” Jay suddenly spoke.

The host finally came to a realization and chuckled, “Ah, apologies. Your thoughts, Mr. Parker?’

“I won’t comment on Wynn and Candice’s performances, since my opinion was largely the same as my
fellow judges. Overall speaking, the stage show was great, though effort is needed in the details to
avoid mishaps in the midst of your performance.’

“Thank you, Mr. Parker.” Wynn and Candice promptly nodded.

“As for Zoe’s performance, it was the most impeccable performance I had ever seen.”

Zoe was left staring and blinking at Jay’s unexpected acknowledgement.

He should be avoiding her like the plague, since she was accused of trying to buy his vote.

And yet, he said all that…

But to be fair, carrots and sticks were the way of adjudicators these days.

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