Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 700

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Zoe was simply waiting for Jay’s impending critique, since Hailey had mentioned almost everything that
could be said.

At this point, there was nothing she couldn’t accept.

She was actually retaining her usual smile, having weathered through the world shattering beneath her
feet over the years but bearing with it anyway.

She would always put on her best performance in front of the cameras. She just had to do her utmost,
even if no one was buying it.

After all, your effort was disproportional-even inconsequential-to your success in this world.

Nonetheless, Jay continued, ‘I’m sure anyone who was involved in a stage production would
understand that a performance with zero mistakes is exceedingly difficult. It involves perfection in
everything including your breathing, expressions, movements, dialog, and interaction with your fellow
thespians. And yet, no one has achieved that today, save for Zoe.”

Zoe simply kept smiling at Jay, but without gratitude in her eyes or the rejoicing of being acknowledged.

After all, this couldn’t be good.

“Moreover, every actor and actress only had a week since the last stage, and one could imagine how
much effort they put in. I could even put it this way: Zoe is always the first to arrive at the studio, and
the last to leave — she puts in double or more time to perfect her performance, and it is her effort that
allows her to put up an impeccable showing.”

Hailey was left scowling as she sat beside Jay.

The man was dismantling her pedestal, after all!

“Of course, I cannot fully acknowledge Zoe cloning Cora Levine’s performance, because everyone
ought to have their own interpretation of each character, and in turn give a different soul for said
character. While playing to the crowd’s fancies will certainly lead to opinions that she hasn’t been
putting in effort, we can understand the reason behind that. Can’t we, Zoe York?”

“It’s only natural.’ Hailey could not resist speaking up right then. ‘To buy your vote.”

“Not quite. She’s trying to buy the audience’s vote, actually.*

Zoe’s perfect smile twitched ever so slightly.

However, Hailey scoffed. ‘The audience? In that case, she should be showing some sincerity instead of
presenting some mindless imitation.”

“Actually, you need to understand the prudence of a washed-up actress onstage,” Jay told Hailey.

While Hailey frowned, he continued, “I’m sure you’ve never experienced what it’s like to feel down and
out in showbiz. Miss Zimmerman. The audience doesn’t remember you, and you seemed to disappear
entirely for three years. Through it all, no one asked for you to take a role, let alone film a commercial.”

Hailey pursed her lips, but admitted, “Of course not.”

“That’s why you won’t understand that Zoe is overly cautious. Yes, it can’t be denied that she’s trying to
cut corners, but this production had been wildly popular, and Cora presented her exciting performance
in it. That is why Zoe was worried that the audience wouldn’t accept her interpretation, and that Cora’s
fans would believe that she is denying the genius in Cora’s interpretation.”

“In other words, aside from sticking to Cora Levine’s interpretation, Zoe has no other choice if she
wants to stay on this stage. And since she won’t be gaining any breakthrough for her character when
she does that, the only thing she can do is make no mistakes and use her impeccable ability as a
performer to make up for the lacking in her character’s freshness.”

“And how did you manage to read that intention from her?” Hailey asked, staring fixedly at Jay.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time here at the studio,” Jay replied. “Everyone knows I’m involved in this
variety show to pick the best thespians. That’s why I’ve often showed up for rehearsals. And I had in
turn seen an actress’s love for the stage in all the hard work Zoe put in personally.”

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