Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 702

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The one not picked would be eliminated automatically.

Every judge hence wrote the name of the thespian they had in mind, while the host kept everyone in
suspense before asking them to present it.

In the end, Jay picked Zoe.

Zoe bit her lip; it was at once surprising yet expected, but she had no idea if she should be pleased.

As everyone filed down the stage, the eliminated thespian deliberately gave Zoe a knock on the
shoulder, unable to hide her dissatisfaction despite attempting to hide it.

She was convinced Zoe stole her spot-why was she the one being eliminated after Hailey gave Zoe
that horrific lashing?!

However, Zoe didn’t hold it against the thespian because she understood how the latter felt.

Even she would feel discontent if she were eliminated.

Moreover, she was still wondering now if she survived by going through the backdoor that Jay opened
for her.

How should she put it? She was really surprised!

But one way or another, she managed to survive, even making it into Jay’s group.

They probably were going to see a lot of each other soon.

Zoe headed out of the building, where she found Quinn waiting. The latter had been very eager
recently, as if frightened that Zoe would go missing again.

Quinn insisted on having dinner together with Zoe, with Cordy joining them since she had returned to
North City as well.

As Zoe left in Quinn’s luxury car, the other thespians and the production crew all saw her.

The eliminated thespian scoffed, ‘There’s always someone pulling strings behind the scenes. Word of
advice, everyone! Watch your backs when it’s someone you cant afford to provoke.’

None of the thespians said a word, however, since there were plenty of people with them. They might
inadvertently step on someone else’s toes. 1

Even so, they started to develop a prejudice towards Zoe in turn.

Jay heard it too. After he got in the car waiting for him, he calmly dialed a number and said, ‘Eileen
Lockhart is to be avoided in all my productions and any projects our company is involved with.”

“…Yes, Mr. Parker.’

“Why the long face?” Quinn asked while driving very slowly-she was still very bad with driving. ‘Please
don’t tell me you’re eliminated.”

“I almost was.”


“Jay saved my butt, though I’m not sure if that counts as backdoor means.”

“Do you really think Jay would do that for you?’

“That’s why I’m surprised.”

“It just means that you’re good,” Quinn said in acknowledgement.

“I never found showbiz this difficult… Now, it’s like each step could kill me,’

Zoe said, reclining against her seat and not hiding her feelings around Quinn. “What should I do? I’m
starting to feel like I should give up.”

“Don’t you want to return to the pinnacle stage that only belongs to you?”

“Can’t I be allowed to regret?”

“You know I’ll always support all your decisions as long as you think things through, even if it means
you’re giving up on your dreams. At worst, I’d be your sugar mommy,” Quinn said seriously.

Zoe giggled in amusement. “Why cant you be a man, Quinn? If you were and we got together, no
scumbag would get to hurt us!”

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